How DappRadar Improves the Dapp Discovery Process

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DappRadar, The World’s Dapp Store, makes finding new, existing and trending dapps much easier. Instead of scrolling through messages on Twitter, posts on Medium or Reddit forums, users can discover dapps thanks to on-chain data and useful metrics.

Ask around in the blockchain ecosystem, and many users will say that they discovered dapps on Twitter or by word of mouth. Blog posts on Medium and topics on Reddit also help a lot. But the methods to discover new and interesting dapps are very time consuming and fragmented at best. 

Blockchain users have never been able to rely on a platform to find applications, like in the smartphone world. Centralized platforms like the Apple App Store and Google Play Store offer great advantages, because they give consumers easy access to the entire market at scale. However, there are also drawbacks like dependence on an organization which predominantly has its own interest at heart. Meaning rules are often set out willfully, not necessarily to the users or the community’s advantage. That’s where DappRadar comes into play. 

DappRadar as the World’s Dapp Store started in its early days benefitting from all the advantages of a centralized service, but has set out to embrace a completely decentralized future. Basically marrying the advantages of traditional app stores (efficiency, scale, transparency, ease of use etc.) with those of decentralized blockchain space (e.g. user participation, influence and contributions).

Many in the blockchain ecosystem still use social media and blog posts to find new dapps, but DappRadar allows users to discover dapps based on quantitative metrics. Thanks to the data provided by DappRadar, users can instantly get an idea about whether the aforementioned dapp is worth it or not. They no longer depend on influencers shilling their own bags or promoting dapps out of self interest.

The World’s Dapp Store uses blockchain data to present visitors with relevant metrics that can help their decision-making process. Because DappRadar tracks over dapps on almost 30 different blockchains, it can provide users with the most up-to-date and comprehensive data on the market.

Data adds quantitative decision-making to the mix

When users rely on social media and word of mouth to discover dapps, they will always have a secondary experience. The person that published the article or tweet probably already invested themselves, maybe they are pumping their bags. You can’t know. Even in traditional app stores the playing field is unequal, as gatekeepers curate the offering of their apps. Some apps get promoted while others remain hidden on the second or third page. 

No matter whether we’re looking at current common practices to discover dapps or traditional app stores, the discovery methods are mainly qualitative. Users rely on reviews, opinions and ratings to decide whether they want to get involved or not. DappRadar adds a quantitative layer to the dapp discovery process. Thanks to on-chain data, users can make decisions based on verifiable data points. It levels the playing field for users, unlike traditional app stores where the discovery process is controlled by the gatekeepers. Curated top lists don’t provide verifiable data, something that DappRadar does add.  

Of course, a dapp store can also implement qualitative mechanics. For example, community reviews can be a valuable way to measure the likability of a product. But these are time-consuming research methods for potential users. In The World’s Dapp Store, users can rely on quantitative data. They can instantly see how many users a dapp has and how active they are. This adds an important and fast way for users to form decisions based on verifiable metrics. It’s also a more transparent and candid process that empowers the user’s decisions. 

Making data work for the user

On DappRadar, users can be sure that the data applies to usage of the dapp itself, and not to for example trading volume of the dapp’s token. Machine learning algorithms filter fake traffic, making sure that the data presented to users is clean and trustworthy.  

This means that statistics and metrics become key factors in the decision-making process of potential users. DappRadar examines, tracks and evaluates complex blockchain data and then breaks it down into an understandable format. As a result it helps to educate the user, and helps them to make more reasonable decisions. 

Dapp stores will change the way users make decisions

Dapp stores provide rational and data-driven metrics that can help a user to determine whether they want to give that dapp a try. How many other users are using that dapp? Are users investing lots of money? Is there considerable trading activity? What’s the price performance of the native token? 

Dapp stores will overhaul the decision-making process, adding data as a verifiable truth. Stats and measurable data become decisive factors, making blockchain data graphs the shop front for the dapp ecosystem. Thanks to their dependence on blockchain technology, dapp stores can provide a much richer and reliable decision-making experience compared with traditional app stores. DappRadar is The World’s Dapp Store, the gateway for every blockchain user, metaverse citizen, Web3 developer, to discover or market dapps and launch them into the world.

Learn more about The World’s Dapp Store

DappRadar offers a comprehensive user experience to dapp users, allowing them to seamlessly explore and track applications and assets, and react to market movements via comprehensive digital asset management tools. As The World’s Dapp Store, DappRadar wants to create an ecosystem that benefits users and developers alike.  DappRadar will launch the RADAR token, you can follow our journey here. For the most common questions about the RADAR token we refer you to our FAQ.

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