Generate Passive Income with PlayDapp R-Grade NFT Staking

Generate Passive Income with PlayDapp R-Grade NFT Staking
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Stake PLAYZ NFTs in Along with the Gods and earn daily rewards in PLA tokens

PlayDapp R-Grade NFT offers users an excellent opportunity to earn passive income. Moreover, these NFTs are significantly valued in all the games on PlayDapp. Currently, staking R-Grade NFT in ‘Along with the Gods’ grants users the privilege of receiving daily PLA rewards. 


  • What is PLAYZ NFT, and how to earn rewards with it?
  • Step-by-step tutorial for R-Gradel NFT Staking.
  • Merge and upgrade 6 R-Grade NFTs into an SR-Grade NFT to boost earnings.
  • An immersive P2E journey with PlayDapp

Play-to-earn (P2E) is fueling the gaming boom as an innovative form of a game that allows players to generate passive income by participating in games. According to DappRadar’s latest BGA Report, blockchain games represent almost 60% of the industry’s usage, generating $857 million in transactions in July.

The potential of gaining money rewards and engaging gameplay make P2E an appealing new realm for many to explore. This article will explain how to use PlayDapp’s PLAYZ NFT to earn token rewards in PlayDapp’s P2E ecosystem.

Before diving into today’s guide, don’t forget to join the PlayDapp NFT Airdrop. Win PLAYZ NFT for free and start your P2E journey right away!

What is PLAYZ NFT, and how to earn rewards with it?

PLAYZ NFTs serve as PlayDapp’s platform NFTs to enhance the ecosystem with more interoperability and playability. In addition, players can utilize these NFTs to unlock more exciting gameplay and earn token rewards in games on PlayDapp. 

The PlayDapp Town NFTs have three rarity levels, from the least rare to the rarest: R, SR, and SSR. To get PLAYZ, users can go to the PlayDapp NFT Marketplace

Players can earn PLA tokens by staking PLAYZ NFTs in games on PlayDapp’s platform. In the following chapter, let’s look at how to stake PLAYZ R-Grate NFTs in Along with the Gods, PlayDapp’s flagship P2E game.

Step-by-step tutorial for PlayDapp R-Grade NFT Staking

  1. Follow this link on Google Play to download Along with the Gods (AWTG).
  2. AWTG is an exciting RPG adventure game where players can embark on quests, defeat enemies, and earn remunerative rewards! Check out this article for a detailed guide to this game.

Get a first glimpse of the game in the trailer below.

  1. Next, you will go to Game Setting and choose the Season Server.
PlayDapp R-grade NFT staking
  1. Create a character to be the protagonist of your journey. The game features five character classes and over 100 heroes.
  2. Start slaying some monsters and level up! Once you reach Level 20, you will find the Item Manager icon on the bottom left corner of your main screen. Time flies when you are immersed in the world of AWTG. So it’ll just take a day to reach this level.
  1. To access Item Manager, you’ll need to log in and connect your wallet to PlayDapp’s NFT Market. 

You must log in to Item Manager from the Play-to-Earn server with a valid Polygon-enabled wallet and wallet address. This step will bind your wallet to your game account, a crucial process for you to start earning PLA rewards.

  1. Now you can see the staking menu. First, switch on R-Grade Staking and then click on Start staking. Next, you will need to select an R-Grade NFT.
PlayDapp R-grade NFT staking guide
  1. When you see the pop-up, click OK and confirm your transaction! It’ll take about 5 minutes to confirm on the blockchain. 
PlayDapp R-grade NFT staking confirm
  1. Item Manager allows you to check the latest staking status of your NFT. Go back to the game, click on Item Manager, and you will find an NFT benefits icon in the top right corner.
  1. Click on the NFT Benefits. If you see this screen, your NFT is in action to earn you PLA now!
PlayDapp R-grade NFT benefits

Depending on when staking starts, it will take 1 to 2 days to receive the staking rewards. For example, the staking time resets daily at UTC 00:00, so if users stake at a later time, they will have to wait for a little under two days. But if users stake at UTC 00:01, then it will be one day for them to receive their rewards.

You can claim PLA rewards directly in Item Manager. Simply click on Get Reward, and you can claim all the available PLA rewards that you have earned. After a successful claim, the PLA tokens will appear in your bound wallet address.

PlayDapp R-grade NFT staking rewards

Now that you have learned how to stake R-Grade NFTs for benefits, follow this link on Google Play, download Along with the Gods, and reap the rewards!

Merge and upgrade 6 R-Grade NFTs into an SR-Grade NFT to boost earnings

If you want to get more out of your NFT staking, merging your R-Grade NFTs will do the trick. Let’s find out how to do this now.

  1. Go to PlayDapp’s NFT Marketplace, click on your profile icon and open your wallet.
open my wallet playdapp
  1. On this page, you will see all the PLAYZ NFTs you have. Then, click on Merge & Upgrade.
PlayDapp R-grade NFT merge and upgrade
  1. Select 6 R-Grade NFTs and click Merge NFTs. It will take about 5 minutes to burn those R-Grade NFTs and complete the upgrade.
PlayDapp R-grade NFT merge

Download Along with the Gods and try the magical Merge NFT function for bigger perks!

An immersive P2E journey with PlayDapp

PlayDapp strives to equip app and game developers with a middleware blockchain solution and technology. It provides developers with an all-in-one platform to monetize their games through NFTs and a well-designed in-game economy, in which PLA serves as the ecosystem token. 

PLA is listed on major exchanges like Coinbase, Binance, Kraken, and more. According to DappRadar, PLA is currently at $0.37 at the time of writing. It has a market cap of over $160,000,000 and a 24h volume of over $14,000,000. 

PlayDapp has one of the most dynamic ecosystems in the blockchain gaming sector. In the last 30 days, PlayDapp’s NFT Marketplace has grown by over 100% in volume. Notably, PlayDapp’s thriving P2E ecosystem has also attracted partnerships from large companies such as Samsung, KB Bank (Korea’s largest bank), Line Friends (175 million users), and more.

There are some helpful links for users to keep track of the latest development of PlayDapps.

Find more about Along with the Gods and PlayDapp.

Download Along with the Gods






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