How to Play and Win: Along with the Gods

How to Play and Win- Along with the Gods
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DappRadar’s ultimate guide to unlocking the true value of Along with the Gods

Along with the Gods is a strategy role-playing game (RPG) on the PlayDapp gaming platform. The game features various game modes and meticulously designed play-to-earn mechanics. However, if users want to maximize their earning powers in this game, they need to acquire a particular type of NFT called PLAYZ NFTs. 


Web3 gaming has a lot to offer, with asset ownership, a player-driven economy, and much more. But it is still in its infancy. So looking at the current play-to-earn market, it is obvious that most games feature relatively static graphics and simple game control. Moreover, a lot of them do not offer mobile apps. 

In web2, mobile games have already provided users with an unparalleled gaming experience. Those games can provide users with fantastic visuals, dynamic game control, and breathtaking ambiance. As a result, it is difficult to answer when asking if web2 gamers are ready to embrace the new era since they have so much to give up. 

But is there any product that can combine the best of the two generations of games? The answer is yes, and the game is Along with the Gods (AWTG). The game invites users to embark on a play-and-earn adventure without giving up any advantage that web2 games offer.

What is Along with The Gods?

Along with the Gods is a strategy role-playing game (RPG) on PlayDapp, a blockchain gaming platform on Ethereum and Polygon. The game features multiple game modes, four types of arena battles, five character classes, and over 100 heroes. 

Furthermore, players can increase their Heroes’ stats by combining Rune sets with multiple effects. Finally, it is noteworthy that when Heroes and Runes reach certain levels, players can convert them into NFTs and trade them on PlayDapp’s marketplace.

AWTG is mobile-friendly, and users can download the app from Google Play, while the iOS version will come soon.

What are the main game modes, and how to play them?

The game offers players a wealth of gameplay and multiple game modes, including Scenario, Arena, Investigate mode, and more. The core gameplay of AWTG is to utilize players’ characters to complete quests, participate in battles, and perform other tasks within the system. 


along with the god scenario

The scenario mode allows players to embark on an adventure as the story unfolds. In this mode, players will progress through the story and the game, meaning it is a journey to level up users’ heroes and items. 

So how does it work? Clearing stages will help players earn rewards such as tokens, summoning pieces, Runes, and Heroes.


The Arena mode sits at the core of Along with the Gods’ gameplay. It allows players to climb the ladder and ascend into the Hall of Fame. 

Players can enter four types of Arena battles, and each requires specific strategies. First is Major Arena, where players can take a team of 5 heroes without restrictions into battle. Second, Minor Arena restricts players to using only heroes of a default 4-star grade or lower. 

along with the gods arena

Next, in Team Arena, players can select 15 heroes who fight in three teams of 5 in a best-of-three format. The last one is World Team Arena. Notably, only the top players can have the privilege to enter, and the competition is fiercer. 

Check out this article if you want more tips on how to win in Arena mode. 


Investigate is a place for users to put their heroes to complete missions and collect rewards. As shown in the picture below, players send their heroes on all sorts of missions to reap the rewards. The most amazing part about this mode is that it does not interfere with players’ experience in Scenario, which means they can still use those Heroes even if players put them in Investigate mode. 

Users can check out this article for tips on how to ace the game.

along with the gods investigate

How does play-to-earn mechanics work in Along With The Gods?

AWTG has a variety of play-earning mechanics that are seamlessly woven into its gameplay.

Download Along with the Gods here.

How to stake PLAYZ NFT and earn rewards?

PlayDapp Town PLAYZ NFTs are platform NFTs that facilitate PlayDapp’s ecosystem to be more interoperable. Players can use these NFTs to unlock more exciting gameplay and experiences in games on PlayDapp. 

The PlayDapp Town NFT presale will see NFT with three rarity levels, from the least rare to the rarest: R, SR, and SSR. To get PLAYZ, users can go to the PlayDapp marketplace

playdapp nfts

Simply by staking these NFTs in the Item Manager, players can earn PLA token rewards from playing the game. PLA is PlayDapp’s platform token. AWTG currently offers three ways for players to earn PLA rewards while staking:

  • R-Grade NFTs: stake and receive random PLA drops.
  • SR-Grade NFTs: staked and receive daily PLA rewards after completing daily quests.
  • SSR-Grade NFTs: staked will receive entry tickets to the PvP server, winning even higher rewards in the PvP battles.

Check out the AWTG Play-to-Earn Staking Guidelines to learn more about PLAYZ NFT Staking.

How to sell Hero and Rune NFTs for profit?

AWTG’s gameplay was meticulously designed to enable players to acquire assets that can bring them wealth without even realizing it. For example, while playing AWTG, players can collect and upgrade their Heroes and Runes and sell them later in the marketplace for a profit. 

Want to start play-and-earn with Along with the Gods, simple follow this link to download.

along with the gods marketplace

But before listing these items on the PlayDapp marketplace, users need to convert them using Sealing Scrolls. The video below will provide a detailed tutorial on this process. 

What is PLA?

PLA is an ERC-20 token that serves as PlayDapp’s native utility token. It has a maximum token supply of 700,000,000 PLA. It is worth mentioning that users can acquire PLA tokens from Coinbase. 

The PLA token facilitates PlayDapp’s ecosystem in various ways. For example, it can be used for the processing of user transactions. Another primary utility of PLA is to boost user activities as rewards are distilled from the platform’s play-to-earn mechanics. 

Download and start your play-to-earn adventure right now with Along with the Gods.

More about PlayDapp

PlayDapp is a blockchain-powered gaming and entertainment ecosystem. The platform strives to bring an ultimate gaming experience to convert non-crypto game consumers into blockchain game users. 

PlayDapp envisions a web3 gaming ecosystem where players take true ownership over their in-game assets and receive incentives for their time and resources spent in gaming participation.

According to DappRadar’s single dapp page, PlayDapp has witnessed impressive metrics performance over the last 30 days. For example, the dapp has attracted around 6870 unique users, an increase of 290%, with 157% growth in transactions and 380% in volume.

There are some helpful links for users to keep track of the latest development of PlayDapps.

Find more about Along with the Gods and PlayDapp.

Download Along with the Gods






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