Gala Games Giving Away $4 Million in Game Token Prizes

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The annual event May Mayhem allows gamers to earn GALA and NFTs

During its yearly May Mayhem event, Gala Games will hand out $4 million in GALA tokens to active players, while also giving away free game NFTs. The farming game Town Star will become a big part of these activities, but other games will also join the campaign. Gala Games announced the festivities in a blog post


  • Gala Games are handing out $4 million in GALA tokens during May.
  • Town Star players get to share half of that prize money; several other initiatives and games will share the rest.
  • A snapshot for free NFT airdrops will take place on April 29. 
  • Gala Games players can check the value of their NFT holdings using the DappRadar Portfolio Tracker.

Last year Gala Games handed out $1 million in prize money, and they have now increased this to $4 million in GALA token rewards. Half of this amount will go to players active in Town Star, while the other $2 million will go to participants of several other games and initiatives throughout May. However, details have not been revealed yet. 

In addition, the team at Gala Games will distribute NFTs. Throughout May, the team will distribute free NFTs to players holding items from specific NFT collections. The snapshot will take place on Friday, April 29, at 11:59 PM PT. The system will look at NFTs in both the user’s Ethereum wallet and the associated Treasure Chest on the Gala Games platform. 

A blockchain ecosystem for gamers

Gala Games wants to distance itself from the GameFi movement, which arguably doesn’t appeal to gamers used to Call of Duty, Super Mario, and Fortnite. Instead, Gala Games wants to add blockchain elements to full game experiences. Town Star is a challenging and competitive farming game, while Spider Tanks offers team-based MOBA gameplay. They are working on the fantasy MMORPG Mirandus, a third-person action game called Superior, and the survival MMORPG The Walking Dead: Empires. With Peter Molyneux’s Legacy and Will Wright’s input into VoxVerse the team at Gala Games even attracts legendary game designers

Gala Games relied on the Ethereum blockchain for a long time but is now looking to launch its own ecosystem. The community labeled the project GalaChain, but internally they named it Project Gyri. The new blockchain will be tailored to players, run by community members, and allows anybody to transfer, own, share, sell, trade, and keep digital gaming assets in their private wallet. 

GALA feels the market slump

Even though Gala Games builds something new and exciting, that’s not reflected in the GALA token price. Like most of the market, the GALA token has lost lots of its value over the past months. In the past 30 days alone GALA dropped 34% in value. At the same time the token dropped 76% from its all-time high of $0.72. Currently, GALA costs $0.17. 

Dive into GALA, swap the token on DappRadar

There’s still an airdrop happening for GALA on our airdrops page until Sunday, May 1st. Learn more about the token in this explanation article.

The value of your Gala Games assets

Gala Games players can also connect their wallet to DappRadar. This would allow them to see the estimated value of their combined NFT and token holdings in one overview. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Go to your account on the Gala Games website
  2. Go to security > private key
  3. Download private key
  4. Open Metamask > open My Accounts (the colored circle)
  5. Scroll down > press “Import Account”
  6. Enter the private key from your Gala Games account here
  7. Press “Import”
  8. Now your Gala Games account is tied to your Metamask. Gratz!
  9. Go to DappRadar > Connect your Gala Games Metamask wallet to the website
  10. Go to Portfolio, and see the estimated value of your assets! 

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