Gala Games Introduces TOWN Rewards for Vox NFTs

Gala Games Introduces TOWN Rewards for Vox NFTs
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Earn TOWN tokens for your Vox NFTs in Town Star

Gala Games has officially announced a new play-to-earn mechanic for Town Star players. Starting from October 5th, Town Star players will be able to earn TOWN tokens for the Vox NFTs they place in the game. TOWN tokens will be distributed via airdrops to eligible players, while eligibility will be determined based on Gala Power.

This is the first utility introduced for Vox NFTs. The NFT collection launched on August 10th, and until now, it could only be used as a cute in-game avatar inside their own virtual world. Starting on October 5th, gamers can place their Vox NFTs in Town Star and earn TOWN tokens for each of them. 

The amount of TOWN awarded to players will depend on the rarity score of their Vox NFTs. According to the official announcement, the exact rarity score for each NFT will be the exact amount of tokens rewarded to its holder. For example, the rarest Vox NFT, which has a rarity score of 3074.57, will receive 3074.57 TOWN tokens daily. Importantly, in order to receive the TOWN token airdrop, players will also have to complete their daily challenges.  

Gala Games and the TOWN token

Interestingly, Gala Games had a somewhat troublesome couple of weeks prior to announcing this play-to-earn mechanic for Vox NFTs. After the official Gala Games Twitter account released a teaser regarding the future TOWN token launch, scammers created fake copycat tokens. Unfortunately, some players fell for the fakes and lost money. 

Despite that, Gala Games went through the token launch successfully. What is more, GALA, the native token for all games on the platform, has seen a nice bump in valuation. Currently, one GALA token is worth $0.114, up 28% compared to its price a week ago.

According to the official announcement, there is no limit to how many TOWN tokens a player can earn every day. However, flooding your city with Vox NFTs might hamper you from completing your daily challenges. This is a requirement to qualify for the TOWN airdrop. 

Get a Vox NFT

You can easily get a Vox NFT on the secondary market if you want to start earning TOWN in Town Star. Keep in mind that the rarity of your Vox NFTs will determine your daily airdrop amount. The easiest way to pick a Vox NFT is to check Rarity.Tools. There you’ll be able to compare traits and rarity scores. 

You can start by getting this cute Vox NFT, which has a rarity score of 47. At the time of writing, the floor price for a Vox NFT is 0.23 ETH. However, as TOWN airdrops begin on October 5th, this might change. In the past seven days, Vox NFTs have attracted 50% more traders, while transactions for the collection have increased 60%. 

DappRadar will continue monitoring both Vox NFTs and the development of Town Star as the new TOWN token officially enters the game. You can do that too, just browse around the useful links below to find the latest information.

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