Gala Games Announces Drop Date for VOX NFTs

NFT collection is expected to draw a lot of attention

Gala Games, a blockchain game company with its experimental division Gala Labs, have officially announced the drop date for their first NFT avatar collection. VOX, a series of avatar-style NFTs that can be used across different games, will officially launch on August 10th. 

Initially, the VOX collection had to launch on August 5th. However, Gala Labs had to postpone. Due to the Ethereum London Hard Fork planned for August 5th, Gala Labs decided to push the drop five days later. Other Ethereum-based NFT marketplaces have also announced there might be interruptions to their services, caused by the fork. 

Gala Games has created an ecosystem of player-governed blockchain-based games, and the VOX NFT collection is the latest addition to that ecosystem. Gamers can use their VOX avatars across the  Gala Games ecosystem. Not only that, VOX NFTs will unlock rewards for some of the blockchain games they can be used in. This reward system creates a bridge between the worlds of NFTs and DeFi, which is one of the main goals of the collection. 

What are VOX NFTs?

All VOX NFTs represent animated characters, which can be used as avatars and in-game. Characters have their unique traits, looks, and even professions. The NFTs in this collection are all composed of individual traits that go along with the character’s personality and job.

As animated figures, VOX NFTs differentiate from the vast majority of avatar-style NFTs out there. This differentiation is important as VOX NFTs will play a role in various virtual words as moving figures, instead of plain profile pictures. 

According to the official Gala Games Discord channel, there will be 8888 NFTs released on August 10. Node operators of the Gala Games ecosystem will have a competitive advantage and will receive notification that the collection is live first. Of course, any remaining VOX NFTs will be available for collectors who are not node operators as well. 

Gala Games Town Star

Gala Games prides itself on the wide variety of blockchain-based games the platform has launched. Most importantly, the Gala Games community governs all of these games. VOX NFTs will be seamlessly integrated across all games.

The first VOX drop will be themed after Town Star, one of the most popular Gala Games titles. Town Star is also one of the few browser-based games that do not require users to download an application to play.

In Town Star, players compete to create the most developed city on the planet. Designed after games like FarmVille, Town Star requires players to take care of crops, build their fields and sell their produce in order to advance. VOX NFTs will tie in neatly with this concept allowing players to use their VOX character as an avatar.

Gala Games
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