5 New NFT Games on WAX That Let You Earn Crypto Rewards

5 New NFT Games on WAX That Let You Earn Crypto Rewards

Explore the list and find your favorite play-to-earn game on WAX

NFT games are taking over the crypto space, and WAX is an increasingly popular breeding ground for new gaming platforms. Although the NFT space is still in its early stage, it has already become a powerful magnet for investment and innovation. As a result, blockchain protocols designed to support non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have strong growth potential. 

Worldwide Asset eXchange or WAX is currently one of the top blockchain protocols in the industry, promising to make transactions easier, faster, and safer for everyone involved. It also supports a wide array of decentralized apps, marketplaces, and, most importantly, NFTs.

These are just some of the reasons NFT games designers are increasingly drawn to the platform. In this post, we look at five games on WAX that caught our attention.

Record of Ragnarok

Record of Ragnarok is an NFT video game inspired by an animated series of the same name (also known as Shûmatsu no Valkyrie or Valkyrie of the End). The story revolves around a conflict between gods and humans, in which 13 notable people across humanity’s history battle against 13 of the most powerful gods from various mythologies. 

Heroes, equipment, and card packages are all represented by NFT cards, except for monsters. Besides the NFTs, the game also uses three digital currencies. 

The SSC (Golden Coin) token is used for upgrading NFT Heroes and Equipment, to summon NFTs, and for governance through the game’s DAO. The SSS (Crystal Stone) can be used for upgrading and repairing NFT Equipment. Finally, the SSR (Game Rune) token is used for updating and recovering NFT Heroes.

Dragons Valley

In Dragons Valley, users obtain eggs either through an airdrop or on WAX’s Atomic Market hub. The eggs are then hatched into dragons in nests or incubators, after which they gain experience points by battling goblins. 

Dragons can be trained, grown, and evolved to their ultimate forms so they can defend the Dragons Valley from the Goblin King invasion. Through battling the goblins, dragons earn tokens and NFT rewards from Snag, the Treasure Keeper. All the dragons are represented by unique and valuable NFT character cards and have different traits, depending on the four elements – water, fire, wind, and earth. 

The game uses DVG (Dragons Valley Gem) for unlocking Squad, Incubator, and Alchemy Slots, as well as recharging energy. It can be swapped through the Alcor exchange portal. Dragons Valley also uses DMD (Dragon Magic Dust) which is distributed to the Trainer after winning battles and can be swapped through Alcor. DMD can be used for unlocking new Squad and Incubator Slots, claiming DVG in Alchemy Mode, and other activities.


Goldmand is set in the future and presents three different scenarios for three different species placed on three different planets. The common denominator in all three is the existence of a highly intelligent alien species that helps preserve life on all three planets in exchange for certain resources.

The gameplay mechanics are also similar across the scenarios – a player chooses their species, picks out a planet and suitable land, and starts mining. The player needs to monitor the resources they use, and can trade them with other players if they like. They can mine lands, craft tools, or even create an army for the PVP stage of the game.

The main resources that can be mined include GMF (Food), GME (Energy), GMM (Mineral), and GMD (Goldmand, the native currency) tokens. Tools, Amulets, Lands, and Characters are all represented by NFTs.

NOA Game

In NOA Game, users get to build powerful decks with one-of-a-kind hero and support cards, command their team into dungeon battles, and earn valuable rewards. These rewards come in both the shape of non-fungible and fungible tokens and can be earned by completing daily or weekly quests.

All the cards are represented by NFTs which can be upgraded to a higher rarity via the in-game Forge to further advance the player’s battle prowess. The decks consist of 16 hero and 10 support cards, while the game starts with four random hero cards placed on the battlefield. 

Each time a hero’s health points drop to 0, a new hero card is drawn until there are no cards left in the deck. The player left with at least one hero card on the battlefield wins, receiving NOA tokens as a reward. The lucky ones will also get rare loot to upgrade their cards, exclusive heroes, boosters, charms, and so on.

Far From Home

An upcoming NFT space-based metaverse PVP game, Far From Home promises an open-world multiplayer adventure in an expanding universe. So far not much is known about the game other than these basics and a road map.

For now, users can register and apply for a chance to win free NFT promo and support packs, while in the future, rare NFT collections will be found through in-game activities.

The main game token, Soren (SOR), was released at the turn of the year, along with the launch of the Far From Home Staking Platform. The game has also been whitelisted on AtomicHub, followed by the launch of its Discord server. The following steps include browser game launch, PVP battle match release, presale of in-game equipment, characters, land, and advanced assets.

NFT games allow you to earn while having fun

Ethereum, BSC, and Polygon are far from being the only blockchains out there to host ambitious NFT gaming projects. WAX has secured its spot among the top NFT games development fields, with projects like Alien Worlds and Farmers World.

As these behemoths continue to draw in huge audiences, new projects turn to WAX. Some of these games are still in development, while others already offer options to earn through playing. So if you want to jump on the bandwagon and be one of the first to take advantage of these fun earning opportunities, sign up today. You can browse through the whole ecosystem of gaming daps on WAX here. Additionally, you can visit the complete WAX Rankings on DappRadar to browse through the full array of possibilities on the protocol. 

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