Find Your Dream Virtual Home in Ethereum Towers

Ethereum Towers invites users to join them in building the virtual dream homes

Ethereum Towers aims to provide community members with a home-like virtual experience. The global pandemic has dramatically changed the way people work, live, and socialize. As a result, there is a growing realization that virtual spaces can bridge the real and digital worlds, potentially enhancing the experience of both. Ethereum Towers wants to help restore day to day interactions by creating a semi-realistic environment within and surrounding the Towers to meet and socialize in. 

Metaverse real estate investors envision virtual worlds as places where people can live, work and socialize with each other. When the global pandemic impacted everyday interactions, remote working and engaging with friends and family became more acceptable and accessible. It has helped people’s physical and psychological wellbeing and because of this, it has had a knock on effect where more and more people have begun to accept that the Metaverse could play an increasingly important role in the future of society.

Ethereum Towers is one of the Metaverse projects attracting the crypto community’s attention. The team places the community at the heart of the project, aiming to create an encouraging and supportive environment for its users. Evidently, the team’s vision and mission resonate with many supporters. Their first Tower has already reached full occupancy, attracting various celebrities and crypto investors. In addition to this, the Dev Team has shared some more concrete and practical use cases for users to visualize their life in Ethereum Towers as part of their much heralded Whitepaper.

What you can do in Ethereum Towers 

The Ethereum Towers are built to be community-centric. The team has developed a Customization Engine to fulfill this vision, enabling users to have complete control over their apartment’s design. With this software, users are set free from all of the real world hindrances that they would face when building and shaping their dream home. Here are some examples of how you could use your Ethereum Towers apartment.

Real-World Space

You could choose to design, build, and furnish a space resembling your real-world apartment. If you have memories that you wish to revisit, you can layout the interior of the virtual apartment to match a nostalgic period of your life. You can invite your real-world friends to visit and hang out there, showcasing your creations. This means that geographical differences will no longer be a barrier to seeing friends and there will be a chance to relax here together rather than only meeting through zoom calls or online gaming.

Art Gallery

Residents could use their apartment as an art gallery to showcase their NFT art collections. You could also design, build, and decorate the space to reflect your sense of style and taste. In addition, you could invite other artists, art lovers, and prospective buyers to display their work, discuss art, and share inspiration, all in an immersive environment. Your gallery can be the virtual version of White Cube, Gagosian, and David Zwirner.

Public Events Space 

Social interaction has always been an essential element of the Ethereum Towers project. The apartments are designed to allow residents to curate and hold public and private events within them. As a resident, you could design your apartment as a public entertainment location, such as a bar or concert venue. The goal is to empower users to have a space to engage socially and host virtual events that they could offer for free or earn revenue from. 

Meeting Space

Aside from entertainment, more formal occasions can also take place here. For example, owners could build a clubhouse to conduct business meetings or even seminars. Imagine having a global summit here where you can invite people from all over the world to discuss common goals. No airplane, no train, no hotels, it could be the ideal alternative to meet and share ideas, having real-time conversations in an eco-friendly way without leaving the comfort of your own front room. 

Zen Garden

Metaverse projects such as Ethereum Towers can provide an immersive experience that could help us to relax our minds. For instance, Art Basel recognized artist Krista Kim’s Meditative Design created a meditative universe highlighting how virtual reality could provide escapism from the stresses and strains of the real world. Turning your Ethereum Towers into a zen garden could provide you with a place of your own to meditate and unwind.

About Ethereum Towers

Ethereum Towers is a community-centric, vertical structure consisting of 4,388 resident-owned apartments in the form of NFTs and a variety of communal areas, set in the Ethereum Worlds Metaverse. The project will continue expanding to provide an evolving, exciting, and socially dynamic experience for all users. Tower 2 Phase 1 will be launching in early March with subsequent phases to follow, will you be taking up a virtual address in the Metaverse’s hottest real estate?





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