Farmers World Possibly on Track to Become Number 1 Game on Wax

Farmers World

Almost $27 million in NFT trading in the past 30 days

The farming simulation game Farmers World is quickly becoming the most prominent game dapp on the Wax blockchain. In the past 30 days alone 118.207 sold NFTs were good for a total trading volume of $26.36 million. This means that the farming game is responsible for the lion’s share of the trading volume on Wax. 

Farmers World Game

Often when we talk about gaming on the Wax blockchain, titles like Alien Worlds and R-Planet pop up. Even though Alien Worlds attracts 899.520 unique active wallets per month, the game dapp has only been good for $934.530 in NFT trading. Most NFTs cost a few cents, and most players simply mine in order to earn TLM tokens. 

How different is the case with Farmers World where 79.980 unique active wallets, a 90% increase month-over-month, were good for $25.97 million in NFT trading volume. That’s an average of $324 in trading volume per wallet on average. That’s a lot more than the average of $1 per wallet in Alien Worlds. 

Farmers World Game

In the past 24 hours alone DappRadar registered Farmers World sales worth tens of thousands of dollars. For example, a chainsaw sold for $35.640, while another user acquired a $34.830 fishing boat. Both NFTs help players in Farmers World perform better, generating more resources like WOOD or GOLD, while they need FOOD to fight off monsters from the forest. 

GameFi, play-to-earn, and blockchain gaming

In the past 30 days, on-chain activity for many play-to-earn or blockchain games has increased. Alien Worlds saw its user base grow 34% to 899.000, while Axie Infinity’s on-chain activity increased 27% to 621.000. However, bigger growth we find with the numbers 3 and 4 of the charts, Splinterlands and Arc8. These dapps increased their user base 51% and 204% respectively in the past 30 days. 

We can also list Farmers World among the fastest-growing game dapps on the market. In addition, games like CryptoMines, BinaryX, Bomb Crypto, and Valkyrio on Binance Smart Chain have had good results. It’s clear that there’s a general hunger for play-to-earn gaming or GameFi.
Players interested in farming games should also check out Farming Tales. This play-to-earn game lets players cash out their in-game earnings for physical goods. As a result players with a virtual bee farm could play the game and receive actual honey. You can read more about Farming Tales here.

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