Wax NFTs Meet Real World in Farming Tales

Farming Tales Wax

NFTs represent real products from real farms

Farming Tales is a new dapp game on Wax hoping to shake things up in the farming sim landscape. Born from a desire to put NFTs and real agriculture in close connection due to the impact upon global farming caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Effectively, Farming Tales wants to bring one of the fastest-growing technologies into one of the most established industries on earth. 

Farming Tales has three real-world farms, two located in an Italian territory producing honey and saffron. The other one is located in Tenerife and produces hemp. The desire of Farming Tales is to expand its network to involve more and more small, but high-quality farmers around the world. Effectively providing them with a new sales outlet – one where they transact directly with customers. 

In the last 7 days, the platform boosted its user number by over 115% to 3,190, which completed over 314,260 transactions on the platform. Representing an increase of over 400% at the time of writing. Innovation and digitization even of rural real estate, such as a farm, could be a useful step and possibly something that becomes necessary, to help small entrepreneurs who decided to spend their lives producing high-quality products.

What is Farming Tales

In Farming Tales anyone can become an owner of real assets on a real farm: hives, land for saffron, grow boxes for hemp, and more. Ownership of these assets guarantees its owner a small amount of a certain product, for example, own beehives and get honey. At the end of each real season, the platform collects the product, and users will be able to decide whether to have it sent home or to delegate it back to Farmers Tales. In this case, Farming Tales undertakes to sell the product at the best price available on the market, trying to guarantee a return on investment of at least 20% to the owner of the product.

Full game coming soon 

The game, when fully launched, aims to offer its players a new NFT-based play-to-earn gaming experience. Each player will be able to get their own farm, which they will have to grow and improve thanks to the use of NFTs, which represent the various pieces and assets of the property. The Farming Tales game unfolds across the New Waxchester County lands. Products collected in the respective farms can be sold raw or given to shops in the town of New Waxchester to be transformed into superior quality goods, sold at a high price.

Farms are the beating heart of the game, as they represent each player’s home. Everyone will be able to shape their farm as they see fit, using strategies deemed most appropriate to direct production towards the most profitable goods. Each player will become the owner of a small farm, which they will have to manage and grow. Goods produced on farms can be sold for Sestertius, which can initially be spent in the game’s internal market.


During this first phase of the game, there is a basic play-to-earn mechanic, which allows each player to craft new farm pieces in the form of NFTs. These NFTs can be used by the player to expand their farm, or they can be sold on the market. In the future, the development team plans to make Sestertius a real currency that can be exchanged on the Wax-based Alcor exchange, allowing players to effectively cash out, or use it to buy products from the real Farming Tales farms.

So far there have been two completed sales. On September 11th a starter kit and customization kit, necessary to access the alpha phase of the game, was made available. Recently, in early October packs containing the pieces for the construction of the shops in New Waxchester were released. These two sales are sold out with items now available on the secondary market. 

Farming Tales Wax

The roadmap states that in early November packs containing all the pieces needed for a farm will be released. The assets contained in these packages are considered the fundamental pieces for the construction of the farms and of the entire game. 

How to become a farmer

To participate in Farming Tales it is not necessary to own any assets. In fact, anyone can utilize the assets held by other owners, by paying a small fee and thus producing their own products. For example, during Honey Season, it will be possible to buy some Foraging Bees, which can be burned inside any hive. Once burned, each Foraging Bee will produce 1kg of honey, which will be held by the owner of the bee. The fee to be paid to the owner will be deducted from this amount.

How to become an owner

To become the owner of an asset it is necessary to complete the NFTs collection associated with that specific season; for example, during Honey Season, it will be necessary for players to complete the beekeeper’s collection. Each collection includes 10 themed tools, which represent the real tools of the farmer.

Farming Tales Wax

The first nine items in the collection can be found in seasonal packs or traded on the secondary market. The last element, the most important, is instead distributed directly by Farming Tales via auction. Once a player collects the 10 elements it will be possible to burn them to generate a new NFT which represents land on farms, and guarantees the possession of the asset it represents. Each hive supplies its owner 1 kg of organic honey and contains 20 additional production slots and owners can set fees between 0 and 10% to let others use their hives.

Play-to-earn with Farming Tales 

DappRadar is currently tracking 34 gaming dapps on the Wax blockchain. While Alien Worlds is the clear leader, interestingly another farming game that ranks second on the list has attracted over 62,000 active wallets in the last 7 days. Showing that farming games absolutely have the potential to capture people’s imagination – especially gamers looking for ongoing play-to-earn experiences. 

Farming Tales Wax
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