Farmers World Game Guide: How to Play and Earn

How to Play Win Earn Farmers World

Dive into Farmers World, an OG play-to-earn NFT game on the WAX blockchain

Step into the realm of Farmers World, one of the first farming play-to-earn games in the space. This guide aims to shed light on the mechanics of this intriguing farming NFT game powered by the WAX blockchain and cover the project’s story and reputation.


What is Farmers World?

Farmers World is a farming simulation game with non-fungible tokens (NFTs), operating on the WAX blockchain platform since August 2021. It pioneers as the first farming-themed game within the blockchain gaming sphere.

Players can select appropriate tools, exploit various resources, and sell their produce for rewards.

While the game went through a hype period in late 2021, with high entry fees to play and great rewards for playing, DappRadar data shows that Farmers World NFTs trading volume is far from what it once was – and the same happened to rewards.

Farmers World Dapp Stats

Nevertheless, Farmers World is a constant feature in DappRadar’s Top Blockchain Games Ranking by the number of daily Unique Active Wallets (UAW).

Who is behind the Farmers World team?

The game enjoys a thriving community of players who truly enjoy the gameplay despite the lack of official communication from the Farmers World team – the last official Monthly Report dates from February 2022 and their last tweet dates from May 2022. Likewise, the ‘earn’ aspect of it has also become obsolete, and nowadays, you would play for fun rather than to earn any rewards.

As we mentioned in our article The Bot-Driven Farmers World That’s Still Enjoyed by Players in October 2022, bots took hold of Farmers World. Although many transactions are still registered on the dapp, the hype is gone, leaving space for botting and a few people who only keep playing because they actually have fun.

“While the most value went into Farmer’s World by the end of 2021, the most trading activity happened a few months later. The first 3 months of 2022 saw the most trading activity, but the price of the average NFT sale had already plummeted. At its peak, the game saw 54,000 NFT trades happening in one day, but since late June 2022 the number has fluctuated  between 1,000 and 3,000 trades per day.”

Now, a year later, the community is still waiting for any updates while Farmers World continues to have a seat on DappRadar’s Top Blockchain Games Rankings.

How to start playing Farmers World?

Getting started with Farmers World is relatively straightforward:

  1. Create a WAX Wallet: First, you’ll need to create a WAX wallet which is your gateway to interact with the game and, of course, have WAX tokens.
  2. Acquire Tools: Once you have a WAX wallet, equip tools to begin your farming journey. Tools can be obtained by purchasing on AtomicHub or using the in-game ‘Craft’ feature.

Gameplay revolves around utilizing tools to find resources, which can then be sold or traded. There are three main resources: Wood, Food, and Gold, each represented by their corresponding tokens, FWW, FWF, and FWG.

How to play Farmers World

Your earning potential is directly tied to your skill in managing these resources effectively. As mentioned before, there’s not much to earn any more, as game assets aren’t scarce on the market and, therefore, value is low.  

Farmers World in-game NFTs

In Farmers World, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are an integral part of the game dynamics. These unique digital assets, characterized by their distinctiveness and immutability, serve various functions that enhance the gaming experience, create value, and offer opportunities for earning.

Farmers World NFT Gameplay

Here are some of the in-game NFTs, or Tools as they call them:

  • Farm animals: Chicken, Bull. 
  • Crop: Corn, Barley. 
  • Tools: Fishing rod, Chainsaw. 
  • Buildings and machines: Fishing boat, Cow shed, etc.

Farmers World game tokens

Farmers World is fueled by its three primary game tokens: FWW, FWF, and FWG. Each of these tokens represents a vital resource within the game, serving a unique purpose and offering different strategies for earning.

FWW (Wood)

FWW stands for Wood, an essential resource within the Farmers World ecosystem. Wood is used for various purposes in the game, most notably for crafting tools and building structures on your farm. By actively harvesting and managing your wood resources, you can develop your farm infrastructure or trade surplus wood for other tokens.

FWF (Food)

FWF represents the Food resource in the game. Food is crucial for maintaining your farm’s productivity, and, similar to wood, it can be traded for other resources. You can produce food by planting crops and raising livestock on your farm. Understanding how to effectively manage your food supplies can significantly boost your in-game earnings.

FWG (Gold)

FWG is the token representation for Gold, a premium resource in Farmers World. Gold is not directly produced on the farm like wood or food. Instead, it’s typically earned through in-game transactions or by selling excess wood or food to other players. Accumulating gold can unlock a range of premium features and opportunities in the game, significantly enhancing your gameplay and earning potential.

Each of these tokens serves as the bedrock of Farmers World’s in-game economy. By gathering, trading, and strategically using these resources, players can create thriving farms and generate real-world value within this dynamic, blockchain-based gaming environment.

Roadmap and the future of Farmers World

The future of Farmers World is completely in the hands of the community. Although the game’s official Twitter account has been silent for more than a year, the game continues to have a steady number of daily active users that manage to play for fun and also earn from it.

This is, in a way, the beauty of it being a decentralized game. Players own their assets and get to play and earn no matter what the game developers do.

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