Farmers World Fastest Growing Play-to-Earn Game on Wax

Farmers World
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From zero to 1.4 million transactions in a month

Farmers World, an NFT-powered farming game on the Wax blockchain, has sprinkled on some miracle grow this month. The game has experienced incredible growth as user wallets grew over 86,000%, shooting past 11,000. Helping it to become the fastest-growing game on Wax right now. 

Farmers World

Farmers World arrived in early July but really kicked off on the 1st of August as active wallets jumped up to over 1,700. This moment was the official launch of the game. From this point, the dapp maintained a good level of growth, steadily climbing to where it now sits with around 2,000 unique active wallets a day. These user wallets have been responsible for  1.44 million transactions as every action in Farmer’s World gets registered on the blockchain. This mechanic of on-chain gameplay happens in a variety of games on the Wax blockchain, including R-Planet and the hit game Alien Worlds.

How to play Farmers World

In Farmers World players pick suitable tools, exploit various resources, buy land to build farms, and enjoy the experiences of a farmer working in the Farmers World’s ecosystem. Moreover, the team wants to provide a free-to-play element as well as the popular play-to-earn mechanic. Drawing inspiration from the once-famous Happyfarm Facebook browser game, the team behind the dapp is building a similar world where players can grow plants, chop wood, fish, and raise livestock and poultry.

The play-to-earn mechanic arrives through fight-to-earn games. While players wait for their harvest, they can go to other farms and battle other players for resources. Therefore, players also have to stand guard and protect their own farms from intruders. Moreover, the team behind Farming World hopes that by playing the game not only can players make money, but also proudly show off what they have designed and protected.

Action and Reward 

Farming sims have always been a popular game genre, perhaps due to their strict skinner box action and reward mechanics. Players plant and nurture items, therefore have tangible reasons to keep coming back. Farmers World has employed some smart tactics to ramp up awareness prior to the game becoming fully live. 

Firstly, a series of drops have taken place throughout August which required players to collect certain items to become whitelisted for future drops and ultimately gain a competitive advantage in the game. Culminating in a special airdrop on the 30th of August. 

Secondly, a unique membership idea has been extended to players. The membership card system gives card owners Farmer Coins and grants farmers the ability to equip more working tools and store the number of mining attempts. Another interesting point is that membership cards can increase the farmers’ luck, thus giving farmers chances to receive more resources during the mining process. Additionally, membership is divided into 4 levels:

– Level 1: Bronze Member (common)

– Level 2: Silver Member (uncommon)

– Level 3: Gold Member (rare)

– Level 4: Diamond Member (epic)

Apart from that, membership also grants farmers the ability to wear more mining tools. Usually, for a particular type of resource, farmers can only wear up to 2 tools at the same time to mine. The number of additional working tools that players can wear depends on the type of card they use. 

Farmers World

Farmers World appears to be cultivated not only as a very playable game but one that provides the possibility to earn an income. The secondary market on Atomic Hub is already lively with gold membership cards up for grabs for around $50,000. Seamingly, these items belong to the early adopters that participate in the exclusive drops. Arguably, they are now poised to strike should the game grow and attract more players. 

Farmers World

Moreover, it is truly fascinating to observe the slew of play-to-earn blockchain games arriving right now. From CryptoBlades and Alien Worlds through to more established games like Axie Infinity and Splinterlands. All have found success by piecing together elements from NFTs, DeFi, and gaming.  

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