What is GALA, the Native Token of Gala Games

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A full explanation of what is and what is to come for Gala Games and the GALA token

The GALA token exists to power the Gala Games ecosystem as a payment method as well as a reward for contribution to a decentralized gaming network. Gala Games is a gaming company that wants to empower gamers by giving them ownership, fully utilizing NFTs and token economies in top-notch games. All powered by the native GALA token.


Introduction to Gala Games and GALA

Gala Games was founded by Zynga’s co-founder Eric Schiermeyer. Former Farmville lead-designer Michael McCarthy leads the development of in-house projects like Town Star and the upcoming MMORPG Mirandus. Ultimately Gala Games wants to empower gamers through blockchain technology, by making them part of the ecosystem. Players can buy NFTs, become part of the foundation of a game project, and benefit from future success. At the same time, new players can earn from their in-game activity. GALA plays a key role in all of this. 

Furthermore, GALA will become the native token of an unnamed blockchain ecosystem powered by the users of the Gala Games ecosystem. Users can use their Gala Games account to purchase a license for a node using GALA tokens. These thousands of nodes will become the Gala Games network by the community labeled as the GalaChain. Internally they refer to the upcoming chain as Project Gyri.

Again, GALA will become the reward and driving force behind this network. At the same time, Gala Games expands its footprint into other entertainment industries through its sister organization Gala Labs. For example, they work on Gala Music, a decentralized music distribution and streaming platform. 

GALA going multichain

Originally GALA only existed on the Ethereum network. However, as high gas fees hampered Ethereum, Gala Games had to make some changes that would ultimately benefit both them and the end-user. Therefore they made GALA to BSC, allowing users to trade the native GALA token against low fees on for example, PancakeSwap

The native GalaChain is core to the multichain future of Gala Games and the GALA token. They want to allow users to bridge their GALA from GalaChain to for example, BSC, Flare Network, Polygon, NEAR, and other blockchain ecosystems the team is talking to. 

The gaming vision for Gala Games

We all know those simple GameFi games where you do something and have to wait before you can make the next steps. These games are slow and not that much fun. Gala Games wants to become a gamer centric platform where the fun comes first and the play-and-earn mechanics come second. Town Star is a challenging and competitive farming game, Mirandus will become a complete MMORPG, and Spider Tanks is a team-based MOBA game. 

At the same time, Gala Games works with existing game studios. With Will Wright and Peter Molyneux, they attracted legendary game designers with millions of sales under their belt. They made games like Simcity, The Sims, Fable, and Black & White. Certain Affinity is currently working on a game called Last Expedition. These developers have been involved in various online multiplayer shooters like Call of Duty and the Halo series. 

Gala Games and their GALA token want to position themselves as the biggest AAA blockchain game publisher on the market. They are not building passive games or GameFi projects but games every gamer wants to play. But then, these games are enhanced with NFTs and play-to-earn economies.

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