Ember Sword on Fire as It Makes Surprise Entry at Number One

The MMORPG has blazed a trail to the top of the list following its move to Immutable X

Despite the current downturn in cryptocurrency prices and NFT trading volumes, blockchain gaming has maintained strong momentum. Ember Sword heads up our Games of the Month list for June after the platform moved networks to Immutable X. User numbers for the game increased by 1,292% as the rest of the sector saw varying levels of decline.

While Ember Sword’s audience has grown, every other game that we track has seen its user numbers go down. This isn’t a huge surprise, given the uncertainty in the web3 and wider world. This means that games performed well in June by doing the least worst, not necessarily by improving on their previous situation.

Ember Sword

Ember Sword is the surprise number one for June’s Game of the Month. And the platform made it to the top spot on the back of its trend-breaking explosion in user numbers. While the number of unique active wallets (DappRadar’s measure of users) visiting gaming platforms went down for every other game, Ember Sword’s shot up 1,292%.

DappRadar 30-day analytics for Ember Sword

Peaks on June 8th and 14th came on the back of Ember Sword’s move to the Immutable X network. The platform gave out generous rewards to everyone who moved over to the layer 2 chain. For each Ember Sword asset users migrated to Immutable X, game makers gave them one IMX token. Nothing brings in an audience like free money!

Axie Infinity

Sky Mavis and the the developers behind Axie Infinity will be hoping to put a difficult first half of 2022 behind them. Things do seem to be looking up for the play-to-earn mega hit now though. 600,000 accounts have registered for Axie Infinity Origin and in-game land staking is now live. On top of all of this, the game has made it to number two on our list.

WorldWide Webb

The WorldWide Webb team has been working flatout on Version 2 of its public beta launch. For now, only landholders can access the current beta test. The community is building inside the game and land sales are going well. Over the past month, buyers and sellers made 450 trades for in-game land.

Source: Twitter

Sunflower Land

Sunflower Land is the feel-good story of 2022. Following initial success as Sunflower Flowers, the game went through a tumultuous rebranding before reclaiming its place among the upper echelons of play-to-earn games. The platform’s SFL token has done very well in difficult conditions, having fallen by only 1.8% in the past month.

Decentral Games

Organized as a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), Decentral Games is a play-to-earn metaverse game within Decentraland. It’s a digital casino where users can play poker, blackjack, roulette, backgammon and slots. User numbers are down by 15% and the native governance token DG is down by 23%. But compared to some other dapps, things aren’t looking too bad for Decentral Games.

Alien Worlds

Metrics for Alien Worlds have dropped massively in June. But the game still drew in 549,480 unique active wallets for the month. So even though the platform isn’t having the best time at the moment, it’s still a huge game with a committed community.


Splinterlands user numbers dropped by 10% to 461,060 during June. But the game is still number one on the Hive blockchain by quite some distance. And despite having a bad month, Splinterlands has ended June on a good note. User numbers, transaction numbers and trading volumes are all up over the past 24 hours.


Decentraland is one of the best-known virtual worlds in the metaverse. It’s also one of the biggest gaming platforms and sellers of digital land. The most expensive piece of land ever purchased in Decentraland, in ETH value, was for 1,019.09 ETH.


Fresh from making it to the top spot in last Friday’s weekly rankings, CryptoBlades makes it to number nine for the month of June. The number of unique active wallets interacting with the platform only dropped by 3.3% over the past 30 days. In these times, where hype and interest in all things web3 has been shaken, small dips count as big wins.

The Sandbox

The Sandbox enters at number 10 in our Games of the Month on the back of its NFT sales for June. Trades may be down by 40%, but traders still bought and sold $3.73 million of in-game assets. User numbers for the platform only dropped by 10%, which is relatively strong, considering the situation in the market. TIME also just built Times Square in The Sandbox. Builders are building.

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