Sunflower Land Finds Tremendous Success After Relaunch

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Number of active wallets soared by 3,830% since open beta launched on April 7th

Following Sunflowers Land’s successful relaunch, the game’s user numbers have gone up and up. Alongside this, the number of transactions the platform processes has surged by 3,524%. The amount of money coming into the game’s smart contracts has also gone up. The good news for the Sunflower Land community is that this doesn’t look like a flash in the pan.


Astounding on-chain activity

Sunflower Land’s beautiful renaissance has continued throughout this week as players new and old flocked to the open beta. DappRadar reported earlier this week about how to join the upcoming open beta launch.

Following Sunflower Land’s second debut, thousands of players have joined in to fill the 100,000 slots available. Over the past seven days, a total of 57,230 unique active wallets interacted with the dapp’s smart contracts.

Bearing in mind that the game has a strict one-person-per-minted-farm policy, we can be pretty sure that each of the unique active wallets represents one person and not one person using multiple wallets. Also, the Sunflower Land team announced on the evening of April 7th that over 30,000 ‘farmers are already building their empire’.

DappRadar’s on-chain analytics for Sunflower Land

I should point out at this juncture that although the game’s open beta launched officially on April 7th, in reality it began with a secret launch on April 6th. This corresponds with the graph on the right, showing a slight bump in activity on that day before the line climbs even more steeply on the next one.

I should also hold my hands up and say that quoting percentage increases around the time of beta launches can be slightly misleading. If you go from $1 to $2, you’ve increased your money by 100%. But you still wouldn’t tell people you’re rich.

There was only a limited amount of Sunflower Land on-chain activity before the open beta launched. 1,000 players took part in the closed beta, so opening the game up to 100 times that number would inevitably show up as a significant percentage jump. 

For these reasons, I’ve taken a look at the on-chain activity for the past 24 hours and we can see that while these numbers aren’t quite as eye-catching, they do represent sustained growth for the game. Statistics like these are probably more representative of how activity on Sunflower Land will increase over the next week or so. Saying this, attracting over 57,000 players in five days is a huge achievement for the development team.

DappRadar 24-hour on-chain activity for Sunflower Land

Sunflower Land at the top

If we head over to DappRadar’s rankings pages for games on Polygon, we can see how this surge of activity has affected Sunflower Land’s position. The list below is for data from the past seven days of activity and there, at the top of the pile, sits Sunflower Land.

DappRadar’s Polygon games ranking page

More unique active wallets have connected with the platform over the past week than they have with some of the biggest names in blockchain gaming. It has dislodged Animoca Brands’ Crazy Defense Heroes from its usual position at the peak. And Aavegotchi, itself enjoying a popular moment with the launch of its playdrop, sits down at number four.

With Sunflower Land’s token launch taking place later this week on April 15th, expect even more players to join in the fun  and continue to swell the numbers.

Sunflower Land’s plans for the future

The decisions made by the team behind Sunflower Land will now always be tinged by the traumatic events it endured earlier this year. When you read the roadmap of what’s to come, you can see that sustainability and a bit more control are key components in its vision of the game’s future.

As mentioned above, the Sunflower Land native token launches on April 15th. They named it SFL and it will have in-game utility as well as a fun gamified staking feature called the Wishing Well. The team has updated their token burning process so that things don’t get out of hand like they did in the past.

From where I’m sitting, having read about the game a lot and having had the chance to play it yesterday, it looks like there’s a strong community behind a dedicated developed team. They’ve learned harsh lessons from their mistakes and are still committed to creating a decentralized gaming platform that the players own together.

The open beta will run until the game launches properly; Sunflower Land’s team has not announced a date for this yet. Something to note: 100,000 spaces in the open beta may sound like a lot. But over half of these have already gone – the rest will probably go within the next week. So if you want to join the party, do it now while you still can.

To stay up to date with Sunflower Land’s resurgence, stay tuned with the DappRadar blog. You can keep a track of the token when it drops on April 15th using our Token Explorer. And you can see if Sunflower Land maintains its popularity by checking its on-chain activity and viewing its position in DappRadar’s ranking pages.

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