DappRadar Now Tracks Dapps on MOOI Network

dappradar mooi network tracking dapps
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Discover dapps and gain insights into dapps from the MOOI ecosystem

DappRadar is excited to announce that it has integrated MOOI Network, welcoming a leading game-tailored ecosystem to its ranks. Users can now discover all kinds of dapps built on MOOI Network through our Rankings, while gaining more insights through the product pages of each dapp. 

MOOI Network is a blockchain ecosystem designed to cater to metaverse products. The network serves as a sidechain to the Klaytn blockchain, but is even faster and cheaper to use. Post Voyager, a subsidiary of the Japanese mobile game company Cocone, has created MOOI Network to appeal to both gamers and game developers. 

DappRadar now tracks for example the NFT marketplace Jellyme, but also the DeFi platform MOOI Swap. But there’s more. Pokecolo is one of the latest NFT products that hit the MOOI Network, already attracting 7,690 connected wallets in its first week. 

Start discovering dapps on MOOI Network now.

Dapp developers can list their dapps for free

Every dapp developers on MOOI Network can list their dapps on DappRadar for free, and this is how you do it. 

  1. Go to the Developers page, and click “submit dapp”
  2. Make a developer account 
  3. Press “submit dapp” in the top left corner of the Developer Dashboard
  4. Provide all the information – read some tips here
  5. Make sure to add your contact info, and subscribe to our developer newsletter
  6. Submit your dapp, and wait for approval.

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