DappRadar to Integrate Lisk Blockchain


Lisk announces partnership with the World’s Dapp Store

Lisk and DappRadar will work together to help grow the Lisk blockchain ecosystem. The partnership will attract more users and developers to the Lisk platform. Later, the protocol will integrate onto DappRadar Rankings. The team announced this at the AmpliFire event in Berlin.

Here’s a quick blockchain reminder before we learn of the partnership. Lisk is a digital platform useful for developers who wish to build, publish, distribute and monetize blockchain applications. As one of the leading blockchain platforms, it’s become a growing space for building ticketing systems, marketplaces, and even stablecoins.

It’s rooted in one of the easiest programming languages, JavaScript which goes some way to explaining its success. On August 21st of this year, Lisk successfully completed its integration to mainnet v3, the biggest protocol change to ever occur on the blockchain. Critically, the integration to the mainnet drives the group further on its mission to blockchain interoperability, which allows blockchain applications to register as sidechains.

Lisk joins the Word’s Dapp Store

Just recently in early December, Lisk hosted its AmpliFire event, where announcements included the creation of Lisk.com, the Lisk Knowledge Base, more social media outlet creation, and a Lisk merchandise store. Among the partnerships, Binance, NinjaPromo, and WeAreDevelopers featured. Clearly, the protocol is just picking up speed–it’s worth following their roadmap here

Arguably the biggest announcement made during the conference was the DappRadar partnership. The partnership will bring an enhanced, more informative, and more transparent user experience to fans and investors. Furthermore, They will soon be able to track dapps, compare and contrast key metrics and follow Lisk’s progress on the DappRadar rankings pages. 

As the World’s Dapp Store, DappRadar counts over 4 million unique users and one million readers. The partnership follows a string of successful partnerships that offer a comprehensive user experience to dapp users. In essence, DappRadar allows users to seamlessly explore and track applications and assets, and react to market movements via token swap and NFT trading capabilities. 

Christmas Wish Lisk

For those interested in building dapps on the protocol, join the dev forum here. Lisk blockchain applications are built with their SDK. It’s an accessible toolbox for JavaScript developers to realize their use-cases fast, easy and secure. 

Exciting marketing developments aside, the company is actively searching for entrepreneurs and developers. A grant of $60.000 is on offer for keen to expand the ecosystem with ground-breaking blockchain use-cases. Basically, building blockchain applications with the Lisk SDK just got a lot more lucrative. 

To date, Lisk has created dapps related to ticketing systems–see Lisk Ticketing, a decentralized freelance marketplace called Collabolancer and Nash Stablecoin. Plus, to say the devs forum is active would be an understatement, so why not submit your idea in time for Christmas? 

DappRadar will keep a beady eye on Lisk over the Christmas period. It’s worth checking back with DappRadar regularly to follow the integrations and developments. To find out the latest news with the protocol, here is their Twitter, Discord, and website.

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