AmpliFire Event to Showcase Lisk Blockchain Developments

AmpliFire Event to Showcase Lisk Blockchain Developments

Lisk’s AmpliFire hybrid event will be held in Berlin on December 2nd.

Blockchain application platform Lisk hosts AmpliFire on December 2nd, 2021 to showcase new developments and insights into the future of Lisk. Live in Berlin and live-streamed to an audience online, speakers at AmpliFire include Lisk’s CEO and marketing team, while networking sessions, discussions and fun activities are also on offer.

Lisk is a digital platform useful for developers who wish to build, publish, distribute and monetize their own blockchain applications. As one of the leading blockchain platforms, Lisk has become a growing space for building ticketing systems, marketplaces and even stablecoins.

AmpliFire held at Amplifier, Berlin

Lisk hosts a yearly event to update its investors, developers and interested parties. However, for 2021, the event is particularly special given the growing interest in the blockchain platform: Lisk will round off the year with an in person, AmplifFire event to discuss key announcements and brand new partnerships. 

AmpliFire will inform developers, investors and enthusiasts about Lisk goings on. The CEO of Lisk, Max Kordek will make the case for Lisk, while the Head of SDK Development, Shusetsu Toda and the Head of Research, Jan Hackfeld, Ph.D will also share the floor to discuss R&D on the platform.

Ticket holders can attend the industrial and unique Amplifier monument in Berlin in person. Fortunately, the event will also be hybrid, meaning that Lisk fans around the world can take part on streaming platforms; a growing trend that DappRadar has picked up on since the start of the pandemic.

Interoperability and Blockchain Development

Lisk is fully open-source and rooted in JavaScript, one of the easiest programming languages. On August 21 of this year, Lisk successfully completed the integration to mainnet v3, the biggest protocol change to ever occur on the Lisk blockchain. The integration to the mainnet drives the group further on its mission to blockchain interoperability, which will allow blockchain applications to register as a sidechain.

Conceived in 2016, the group has successfully transitioned through several development stages, which the group marks with precious stones. While recently finishing the ‘emerald stage’ of production, Lisk passed through Ruby and Amber stages in 2018. Sapphire is ongoing, during which the group will bring about a cross-chain messaging protocol, sidechain registration, as well as enhancing the signature scheme. The AmpliFire event will undoubtedly shed light on these exciting developments.

Following the successful completion of the Sapphire Phase, Lisk will approach arguably its most significant milestone: interoperability of the Lisk ecosystem with other blockchain ecosystems such as Ethereum, Cosmos, Cardano, or Polkadot.

Lisk’s Blockchain Future

Aside from the upcoming event, the company is actively searching for entrepreneurs and developers to build blockchain applications with the Lisk SDK. Grants of up to $$60.000 are on offer to developers keen to expand the Lisk ecosystem with ground-breaking blockchain use-cases.

A record 2 million Unique Active Wallets (UAW) are connected to blockchain dapps on a daily average according to DappRadar. The space is growing fast, as NFTs generated $4.2 billion in trades in October alone, while some blockchains are starting to build traction in their respective categories.

Lisk seeks a stronger foothold in the fast-moving space, with new partnerships, networking events and marketing projects on the horizon. Tickets to the AmpliFire event are now available, and as we are less than one month away, interested developers, prospectors and investors should not delay. 

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