DappRadar launches support for mobile gaming BORA blockchain

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With the addition of BORA, DappRadar is now tracking dapps across 14 smart contract blockchains

However, compared to the likes of Ethereum and EOS, BORA is different as it’s dedicated purely to gaming, a sector often considered as providing the best channel to bring the mass market to the blockchain.

And BORA is certainly focused on this goal as it describes itself as being a ‘mobile-first’ blockchain gaming service. Mobile gaming is the largest gaming sector in terms of the number of players – 2 billion – and total revenues – around $50 billion annually.

Based in South Korea, BORA’s approach is novel as it’s working with game developers who have already launched successful mobile games. In total, the games it plans to integrate with its blockchain technology already have over 50 million players.

In detail, BORA first enables developers to use its social log-in and wallet service, called BORA Island, becoming a ‘with BORA’ game. For example, Dragon Raja 2 and Giants are now both available as ‘with BORA’ projects

Then developers integrate the blockchain elements including the BORA and SHELL cryptocurrencies becoming ‘for BORA’. 

Introducing Seven Guardians

The best example of this approach is an Auto-RPG Seven Guardians, from developer Bulky Tree, which recently integrated with BORA and has been released for Android devices as Seven Guardians for BORA.

The game plays exactly the same as the non-blockchain version, which already has 2 million users and has generated $20 million – but includes a wallet (contained in BORA Island) for BORA and SHELL tokens, which players earn by playing the game. SHELL tokens can be used to buy in-game content and also converted to BORA. 

Seven Guardians for BORA also has special BORA-only content, including a horse racing mini-game. In addition, players can level up and sell their hero characters for SHELL.

In this way, players will earn the SHELL cryptocurrency just by playing the game in their usual manner. 

All ‘for BORA’ games will integrate the SHELL and BORA tokens, so players can earn them in one game and then spend them in another game. This is one of the key advantages of BORA as a blockchain gaming platform.

BORA Blockchain
Horse racing mini-game within Seven Guardians

BORA blockchain games

Other games currently in development ‘for BORA’ include; fantasy MMORPG Flyff Legacy; action RPG Hunters League; action game A Tag Knight; and casual title My Little Monster; with more also coming soon. 

DappRadar will be tracking the performance of all these games to see whether BORA can fulfill its vision of bringing blockchain to millions of gamers.

We will continue watching the development of BORA on DappRadar and deliver trend analysis and data as it appears. Make sure you bookmark DappRadar and sign up to our newsletter below to get updates direct to your inbox.

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