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DappRadar will be adding tracking for dapps using BORA in the near future.

2020 is shaping up to be a bumper year for blockchain games. Both in terms of the launch of new blockchains for gaming, new blockchain games, and new blockchain gaming services. One project looking to cover all these bases is BORA

Based out of South Korea, BORA is a ‘mobile-first’ blockchain gaming service. The ambitious company has already signed up a strong portfolio of existing games, some with over 50 million players. Those titles will now retrospectively integrate the platform. 

DappRadar will be adding tracking for games and other dapps using BORA in the near future. So to find out more, we got in touch with Gyehan Song, the CEO of Way2Bit. The company behind BORA. 

BORA meetup
BORA hosted meetup in S.Korea to discuss partnerships, development and more

What’s the vision for BORA?

We developed and operate a service with the philosophy of “blockchain in your daily life”. This covers various content but is taking games as a starting point.

Most of the team members are from gaming companies. Based on our understanding we want to create a service that allows users to easily enjoy games. Without prior knowledge of blockchain.

What’s the point of the BORA token?

Users can purchase, sell and trade blockchain digital content including games with BORA tokens. However, in order to solve the speed and gas fee issue of ERC-20 based tokens. BORA uses a dual token system. 

BORA is one token listed on exchanges, the other is SHELL. The SHELL token can only be used in the BORA platform. Users can enjoy digital content without dealing with speed and gas fee issues. And easily exchange SHELL to BORA tokens when they wish to trade tokens through the exchanges.

There are plenty of blockchains for gaming so how do you offer something different?

Most of the blockchain games that have been introduced to the market so far are casual and simple games. However, we will provide blockchain content to games already proven in the global market.

Various genres such as action, adventure, and RPG will be released to suit players preferences. Since BORA tokens are used in all games provided by the platform. Users will enjoy various games without any friction. You can find out more details about the games here.

mobile games

Can you explain how BORA and Klaytn are working together?

We have been discussing a cooperation and business alliance. 

BORA is currently based on Ethereum but is planning to move to the Klaytn mainnet to expand our blockchain ecosystem. We have collaborated on the technical part of mainnet migration with Klaytn. Currently, the full migration of the mainnet is under discussion.

What’s the reaction been from game developers when you’ve asked them to release games using BORA?

Game developers are responding positively. Mainly due to the fact that they can show new types of content to users through blockchain. And they expect new users to enter the blockchain version of the game through the BORA platform.

You’ve already launched a couple of mobile games in South Korea. What’s the audience reaction been so far?

Recently, we launched a channeling service for two mobile games Dragon Raja 2 and Giants. We gained more than 800,000 users during the pre-registration period. We are currently seeing stable user inflows and sales for these games.

However, the games are not the blockchain version yet. These two games use our log-in credentials. We call it the “With BORA” version. The “For BORA” version will be fully integrated with our blockchain.

Most of your activity to-date has been focused on the South Korean market. What’s your plan to go global?

We have focused on collaborations and securing partners for blockchain game services. Based on our know-how, user feedback, and discussions with partners operating domestic game services. The plan is to introduce blockchain versions of games that users can enjoy from the first half of 2020. With the eventual aim of targeting the global market. 

In terms of reaching out to the global market, we value the partnership with DappRadar. We strongly believe that this collaboration will take us to the next level of global mass adoption.

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