DappRadar Community Signals Towards Building Dapp Store Of The Future

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Half RADAR Holders Hodling.

Since DappRadar launched the RADAR token on December 14th, a total of 45,197 dapp users have claimed their airdrop. This represents over 30% of the total eligible amount – and better still – of those who have claimed half are holding and starting to directly influence the future of The World’s Dapp Store.

RADAR is just getting started, and we are happy to see that the community shares our vision of building a community-powered dapp store of the future, making decentralized applications and web3 more accessible for everyone as outlined in our presented in the RADAR Token whitepaper – little wonder DappRadar’s Discord channel has grown over 25% directly following token launch.

Since launch, RADAR token has been listed on various exchanges. Community members can now find the DappRadar token on exchanges like Crypto.com and Huobi, but also on Hoo, MEXC and ZT Exchange. Those looking for decentralized exchange solutions can find RADAR on SushiSwap and Uniswap.  

Use your RADAR, vote for the future

Right now, we’re preparing the first community vote: to extend the yield farming period on SushiSwap by a further 3 months. When the poll on the DappRadar governance forum ends, the proposal will move to Snapshot where community members can vote with their RADAR tokens.  If you haven’t, have your say, now.

And There’s a lot more to be excited about, ranging from dedicated marketing campaigns, new exchange listings, further blockchain integrations and the launch of the official DappRadar mobile app, to name but a few.  So, join the RADAR Community and start influencing the future of DappRadar, today. 

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