RADAR Token Utility Overview

radar token utility

How to use RADAR in the wider DappRadar ecosystem

DappRadar has introduced RADAR, a utility token for the DappRadar ecosystem that powers The World’s Dapp Store, and here we will provide an overview of its utility. In this article,  we cover governance, access, staking and more.

RADAR is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain. Community members can earn RADAR by contributing to the DappRadar ecosystem. In turn, the token unlocks various opportunities, as listed below.

  • DappRadar PRO – Community members with 5000 RADAR tokens in their wallet will unlock exclusive access to analytics, data, features, content and reports. Providing liquidity in the ETH-RADAR pool on SushiSwap also unlocks DappRadar PRO. — Learn more about DappRadar PRO.
  • Governance – Community members with 100,000 RADAR tokens in their wallet can create a proposal and contribute to shaping the future of DappRadar. After that, anybody holding RADAR tokens can vote on the proposal, giving the community influence on The World’s Dapp Store. — Join on Discord | Learn more about Governance
  • Staking – By providing liquidity in the ETH-RADAR liquidity pool on SushiSwap users will receive LP tokens. They can stake these LP tokens. — (Coming soon…) | Learn more about staking
  • Payments – DappRadar will accept RADAR as a payment option for its services.

This list doesn’t include future utility or features not yet developed. In the near future community members can receive RADAR tokens as a reward for their contributions. We will call this Contribute2Earn. Decisions by either DappRadar or the community can push the utility of the RADAR token in new directions. 

Please note — All data, parameters and criteria mentioned on this page are subject to community feedback. These are the initial parameters and subject to change. The RADAR token empowers the community to have a say in the future of DappRadar, the World’s Dapp Store. Read more about the RADAR token on https://docs.dappradar.com/.

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