DappRadar Makes Blockchain Data API More Accessible for Crypto Traders

DappRadar Blockchain API for crypto Traders
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Delve into Web3 data and use the API to create tools, indicators and analysis

Six months after launching the DappRadar API, we are excited to announce new API products and price ranges for crypto traders and smaller businesses. A newly added Trader tier and an on-demand tier with payments per call will make DappRadar’s API tools easier accessible to everybody in Web3.

Our API tiers changed as follows: 

  • We introduced the $9,99 Trader tier. This DappRadar API tier for traders comes with 2,500 calls per month. 
  • The free Explorer tier has its number of calls reduced from 1,000 to 100. 
  • An On-demand tier has been added, with a price tag of $0,005 per call.
  • We removed the $1,000 Professional tier

The newly introduced Trader tier is aimed at individuals, who can for example use dapp data to assess market growth within a product category, on a certain blockchain or from a certain dapp. When the number of Unique Active Wallets for a dapp increases, demand for a utility or governance token can increase. There the DappRadar API data can provide useful insights to Traders at a fair price.

The powerful DappRadar API 

Through the DappRadar API, users now get access to dapp data, NFT data and token data. Moreover, this includes historical token data, AI-powered NFT price estimations, and dapps from 50+ different blockchain ecosystems. 

The DappRadar API received many more features since its launch in December 2022. Aside from the free Explorer tier, all tiers now enjoy access to all data points, which includes NFT data, DeFi data, token data, but also general dapp data. This makes the DappRadar API one of the strongest Web3 API offerings in the market. 

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