Blockfence Taps into DappRadar API to Increase User Safety

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Free browser extension built to improve safety of all Web3 users

Blockfence has launched a free browser extension that taps into the DappRadar API to improve the user experience and increase user safety. The Blockfence extension is free to use, open-source and anonymous.

Users who have the Blockfence browser extension installed, will receive automated alerts when they attempt to approve a transaction. They will receive alerts about potential threats, enabling them to make informed decisions. This way the extension improves to user experience, and can help to prevent users from making costly mistakes.

Blockfence has the goal to protect users against fraud and scams, while also educating users. The extension not only warns users, but also gives them more information about the dapps and protocols they are about to interact with. As a result, DappRadar’s metrics will be presented to end users as they interact with smart contracts. 

“We are very excited to partner with DappRadar, one of the most prominent Web3 data providers, to increase the UX of users operating in Web3. If we want mass adoption, we must provide tools that will give the users the confidence they need, educate and explain to them what they are doing, and ensure they won’t easily lose their valuable funds to scammers.”

Omri Lahav, CEO Blockfence

DappRadar is enthusiastic about the way Blockfence is using the API to improve consumer safety.

“While most security tools only warn users about potential threats, the DappRadar API integration confirms that users are interacting with a known smart contract. It even provides key metrics about the related dapp. This gives users greater confidence when transacting in Web3.”

Morris Huling, Head of Business Development – DappRadar

About Blockfence

Blockfence is a security aggregation and abstraction infrastructure. Blockfence provides end-to-end users protection with fraud detection on all levels, from the blockchain to the user interface, using advanced machine learning algorithms and community aggregated data. 

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DappRadar API: discovery, research and safety

DappRadar launched the DappRadar API in December, while various industry leaders have already enhanced their product, research and user experience. The DappRadar API provides data points about NFT collections, tokens and dapps from every product category across 50 different blockchains. Without a doubt this API offers the most comprehensive blockchain data set available on the market.  

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