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what is dappradar - feb 2023
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Discover dapps, explore Web3 and manage your assets through the World’s Dapp Store

DappRadar is the World’s Dapp Store, and the starting point for the discovery of decentralized applications (dapps) across all blockchains and product categories. We track dapps and make their performance insightful across blockchain networks such as Ethereum, BNB Chain, Avalanche, Polygon, Solana and more.

DappRadar is the biggest Web3 dapp distribution platform, we are The World’s Dapp Store. One million users per month use DappRadar to discover new dapps, gain insights into DeFi and NFT collections, or to learn more about GameFi and play-to-earn gaming. Established in 2018, DappRadar has now become a prominent discovery platform in the Web3 industry, providing insights to investors, journalists, researchers, media and of course consumers. 


What can you do on DappRadar?

DappRadar allows every internet user to discover decentralized applications, or simply dapps. Because the blockchain is an open ecosystem, users can use DappRadar to gain data insights in their favorite dapps. You can for example;

  • Discover dapps in the DappRadar Rankings in all product categories, including Games, DeFi and NFT
  • Gain insights through dapp product pages about unique active wallets, transaction counts etc.
  • Enhance your experience with more data points and features as a DappRadar PRO member
  • Connect your wallet and manage your own Portfolio of tokens and NFTs
  • Get accurate AI-powered NFT value estimations through our machine learning systems
  • Use RADAR to have a say in the development of the World’s Dapp Store

What do companies do with DappRadar?

DappRadar isn’t only a product for users, but also allows all kinds of companies to leverage its services. Some companies user DappRadar as a promotion platform, while others tap into a wealth of data to enhance their own product with clean Web3 data.

  • Developers can list their dapp on DappRadar for free, making it discoverable by the wider Web3 community.
  • Blockchain protocols can integrate their ecosystem on DappRadar, allowing developers to list and users to discover dapps.
  • All kinds of platforms can leverage the DappRadar API to supercharge their platform with clean blockchain data. For example, Opera has its own dapp store in the Opera Crypto Browser, while OKX has dapp data integrated into their wallet.
  • Developers, publishers and venture capitalists can leverage the DappRadar API to measure to success of their products against the market, and run their own internal analysis.

What is RADAR?

RADAR is a utility and governance token at the core of the DappRadar ecosystem, providing users, developers and other companies with a say in the development of The World’s Dapp Store.

What is DappRadar PRO?

Community members can use RADAR to obtain a DappRadar PRO membership. PRO unlocks a plethora of features, data points and analytics. For example:

  • Access to all smart contracts for every dapp on any blockchain
  • More data points for dapp activity and NFT sales
  • Customized filter options in the Rankings
  • Download historical data sets in a CSV file
  • Create live, personalized notifications for new dapps and NFT collections

And this is just the start. PRO will unlock more features, while giving members more and improved data points that can benefit their market analysis.

DappRadar Governance

DappRadar is on a path towards decentralization, and users, investors, industry partners, companies and developers holding RADAR tokens will have a say in the future of the World’s Dapp Store. Anybody with RADAR tokens has a say in the road ahead.

Where Steam bans Web3 games, and Apple blocks DeFi services, DappRadar will always be powered by the Web3 community, the developers and the companies.

RADAR Staking

DappRadar allows community members to stake their RADAR tokens on one chain, and claim rewards on another. For example, you can stake your RADAR tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and then claim the rewards on BNB Chain.

Carry your Web3 journey with you

With the DappRadar mobile app, never miss out on Web3 again. See the performance of the most popular dapps, and keep an eye on the NFTs in your portfolio. Your DappRadar account syncs with our mobile app, giving you soon the option to receive alerts live as they happen.

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