CryptoBay Embracing Mobile, Boosts Users 200%

CryptoBay Embracing Mobile, Boosts Users 200%

GameFi platform CryptoBay launching Android and iOS apps next month

CryptoBay, one of the largest play-to-earn games on Binance Smart Chain, has recently announced plans for a new mobile and desktop version. This effectively boosted its user base by close to 200%. 

On November 27th, the official CryptoBay Twitter account released a short announcement, stating that the team is working on several dedicated applications. While at the moment CryptoBay is only available as a browser-based platform, the game will soon have applications for both smartphones and desktop. 

In the past seven days, CryptoBay attracted upwards of 46.000 unique active wallets. These players generated more than 108.000 transactions, recording one of the strongest weeks for the game recently. Interestingly, the spike in activity did not manage to push the volume to new heights. However, CryptoBay still attracted upwards of $553.000 in the past seven days. 

Play-to-earn on the go with CryptoBay

The play-to-earn movement is steaming ahead as more gamers find the benefits of blockchain-based gaming. However, the majority of play-to-earn projects are still limited to browser applications. CryptoBay is pioneering a shift towards bringing play-to-earn to smartphones. Platforms like Arc8 by GAMEE are already experimenting in the field. However, the mobile gaming space is still to be explored in length. 

Mobile gaming is one of the biggest sectors of the gaming industry. According to data from Statista, 34% of users in the United States spend between one and five hours playing mobile games every week. Additionally, about a quarter of all people surveyed state that they spend between six and ten hours playing mobile-based games weekly. 

This only shows the untapped potential of a crossover between mobile gaming and play-to-earn. CryptoBay already has a steady following and growing audience. However, its move into the mobile gaming sector can further push the game’s success. 

DappRadar will continue monitoring CryptoBay as the game moves into the mobile sector. While the team behind the game has not specified a date for the launch of the mobile and desktop versions of the game yet, the news is already driving more traffic to the platform. 

To find out more about CryptoBay, check out the links below. Follow DappRadar on Twitter and join our Discord community to learn the latest gaming news first. 

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