Explained: CryptoBay’s PEARL Token

Explained: CryptoBay’s PEARL Token
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Everything you need to know about PEARL

CryptoBay is a Binance Smart Chain play-to-earn platform that rewards players PEARL tokens for winning fights against other pirates. Additionally, PEARL takes center stage in allowing players to improve their ship armada and purchase harbor spaces. 

CryptoBay is a versatile gaming platform that allows players to participate in various play-to-earn mechanics. Users can go on pirate adventures to explore new lands and earn PEARL tokens in the process. Alternatively, they can face their opponents directly in one-versus-one battles in the arena. 

Interestingly, CryptoBay aims to create a well-rounded virtual world by offering a multitude of functionalities for players to explore. Additionally, shipbuilding and maintenance are a huge part of the game. In order to be successful and overpower competitors in pirate battles, your ship should have the best weapons. In CryptoBay, everything is about ship statistics. The better your weapon, the better chance you have to beat your opponent. All weapon and armor upgrades to ships are achieved by spending PEARL tokens. You can earn those through battling in the arena, or purchase them separately. 

Additionally, players get the opportunity to shop on the integrated CryptoBay marketplace. Players can buy or sell their ships, explore auctions and purchase mystery boxes containing boosters and shipbuilding elements. 

Technical background for CryptoBay’s PEARL token

PEARL is a standard BEP-20 token, and central to the successful operation of the whole CryptoBay ecosystem. On the one hand, players earn PEARL by completing adventures, daily quests, and winning battles. On the other hand, gamers need PEARL for any upgrades on ships and purchases on the marketplace.

According to CoinGecko data, PEARL has seen quite a lot of attention from crypto enthusiasts in the past week. Furthermore, on September 11th, the token hit an all-time high of $0.21. This is not surprising considering the fact that CryptoBay has been climbing the DappRadar Rankings. Especially battling against big names in BSC-based gaming like MOBOX and CryptoZoon. According to DappRadar data, in the past week, CryptoBay ranked second in terms of unique wallets among all BSC games. The game attracted upwards of 45,000 addresses. 

Are you playing CryptoBay, or you’re curious to start exploring the pirate adventure land? You can easily get your hands on PEARL here on the DappRadar website. Just visit our integrated DappRadar Token Swap service. In a couple of clicks, you’ll be the proud holder of PEARL tokens. To learn more about CryptoBay, check out the links below.

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