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Announced in July 2023, Capsule Heroes quickly sparked interest within the Web3 gaming space. While still under development, it shows promise to be both fun and add utility to its in-game NFTs. Join us as we explore what Capsule Heroes has in store, offering a comprehensive overview of its features and captivating potential.


What is Capsule Heroes?

Capsule Heroes is a PvP brawler game launching its Alpha later this year. The game integrates NFTs in its gameplay, and, as you can see in the gameplay trailer, it’s action-packed but still has strategic elements.

What is Capsule Heroes game by Treeverse Endless Clouds
Capsule Heroes was announced in July 2023

It has been under development for over a year, and the team behind it has been sharing the game’s progress on social media with pride.

Who is on the Capsule Heroes team?

The team behind Capsule Heroes consists of a dedicated group within Endless Clouds, renowned for their highly anticipated mobile MMORPG, Treeverse. While Treeverse has been eagerly followed by fans throughout its two-year development, Capsule Heroes is expected to be launched prior to it – offering a captivating experience within the same universe.

Despite the challenges faced in the market, the dedicated team at Endless Clouds, based in Singapore, continues to make significant progress in both games. Among the talented individuals on the team are professionals who have contributed to the development of acclaimed titles such as League of Legends, Rainbow 6 Siege, Horizon Zero Dawn, Dark Souls 3, and Marvel Spiderman.

How to get started with the game?

At the moment, the game is still under development and closed for public tests. However, the Endless Cloud team announced in July 2023 that the Capsule Heroes game will launch its Alpha still in Q4 2023.

The best way to keep a close watch on the game is to join the Endless Clouds community and its server on Discord. This will allow you to receive announcements first, and have direct contact with team members who can answer questions and share development details.

Capsule Heroes gameplay overview

From what we know so far, Capsule Heroes gameplay will immerse players in thrilling 3×3 PvP battles. In this action-packed game, players will team up with two others to face off against another team of three, engaging in intense combat encounters.

Players can enjoy a range of thrilling game modes, including Occupy, Team Deathmatch, and Survival. Each mode presents its own unique challenges and objectives, ensuring diverse and exciting gameplay experiences.

In addition, Capsule Heroes provides players with a wide selection of distinctive skins to choose from. These skins not only add a visually appealing touch but also allow players to customize their characters as they march into combat.

Capsule Heroes NFTs

If you are already a valued member of the Treeverse community and have purchased Treeverse NFTs, there’s great news for you! Your NFTs will have a meaningful role in Capsule Heroes, enhancing the interconnectedness of both projects.

Treeverse’s Timeless PFP NFT collection has been integrated into Capsule Heroes with an adjusted design.

Treeverse and Capsule Heroes NFTs
Treeverse’s Timeless NFT characters were integrated into Capsule Heroes

It’s not just about using one NFT for a specific project but rather the idea of one NFT serving a purpose across multiple endeavors.

The week following Endless Clouds’ announcement of the development of Capsule Heroes (and the integration of the NFTs of both games) caused the Timeless collection’s floor price to increase by 24% to $437, and its sales volume also rose by 31% to $18,750.

With its simple and fun gameplay and a promising team behind it, Capsule Heroes is a game to keep watch in 2023. To discover what’s trending in the world of blockchain games, check out DappRadar’s Rankings.

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