Treeverse Trading Activity Pumps Following $25M Valuation

Treeverse Trading Activity Pumps Following $25M Valuation

Timeless NFT avatars coming soon

Treeverse is a sci-fi and fantasy-based MMORPG that has attracted heaps of attention towards the NFTrees and Treeverse Founder’s Private Plot NFT collections following a $25 million valuation after a seed investment round. Additionally, they have announced Timeless – the game’s third NFT collection.

Treeverse announced the successful completion of the seed funding round last night. You can find names like Animoca Brands, IDEO Ventures, and Stani Kulechov. With the inflow of capital, Treeverse has now also announced an ambitious mission to release the full version of the game in no more than a year. Treeverse is currently only available to eligible players in Alpha mode. 

While the game is still in development, Treeverse has already launched two NFT collections tied to it. Both of them have seen a considerable spike in interest following the announcement that the seed funding round is now complete.

NFTrees, which is a collection of graphical tree elements from an early version of the game, has attracted 161% more traders in the past 24 hours.

Interestingly, the floor price for an NFTree NFT is a whopping 18 ETH. The high floor price also explains how only 40 sales resulted in a trading volume of over $1.73 million. The extremely limited number of NFTs – there are only 421 NFTrees available, also supports high going price.

Treeverse’s second collection, which consists of 10.400 Founder’s Private Plot NFTs, also saw a boost in activity in the past 24 hours. The number of traders interacting with the collection jumped 97% to more than 1060. With 968 sales, the collection recorded over $6.79 million in trading volume. 

Treeverse announces Timeless

While owning the Treeverse and NFTrees NFTs will bring holders benefits when the game launches officially, there is one more reason behind the spike in activity. On October 3rd, Treeverse also announced the launch of a third NFT collection called Timeless. Importantly, one of the mint requirements for it is to hold at least one NFT from a previous Treeverse collection. Considering this it is no surprise that collectors are flocking to purchase Treeverse NFTs. 

Timeless will be a collection of 11.111 avatar-style NFTs which will become game avatars once Treeverse launches officially. VIII who specializes in anime-type drawings created all Timeless characters. This is going to be the predominant stylistic direction for all Timeless avatars, and consequently for the Treeverse game. 

Every Founder’s Private Plot NFT is entitled to a Timeless avatar. On the release date, holders will have the option to claim the corresponding avatar for a mint price of 0.222 ETH. Plot NFT holders’ Timeless NFTs will be randomly selected from all images with mint numbers between 1 and 10420. Each NFTree NFT also gives rights to a Timeless avatar. However, unlike Founder’s Plot holders, NFTree NFT holders won’t have to pay a mint price. 

Importantly, each Timeless NFT will have its custom-made avatar representation in the Treeverse virtual world. This avatar can also serve as the main game character. For the moment, the only way to get ahold of a Timeless NFT is to own an NFT from the previous Treeverse collections. However, the team has also announced that a dedicated Timeless marketplace is in the pipeline. 

The team will announce the official Timeless website on Discord 24 hours before minting goes live. Eligible collectors will have two weeks to claim. Interestingly, the website will drop at a random time, so keep your eyes open. 

DappRadar will continue monitoring Ttreeverse and its NFT collections. As funding is now abundant, the team is on an ambitious road to completing the whole game in about a year. However, in the meantime, there will be a lot of excitement. Stay tuned, and follow us on Twitter and Discord to learn the latest first. 

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