Blockchain Brawlers Wins the Arena Fight This Week

Blockchain Brawlers Wins the Arena Fight This Week
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The Wax-based game saw a 150% increase in value for its native token BRWL

Blockchain Brawlers is a rising star on the Wax blockchain. Its growing popularity has had a positive effect on the in-game economy. In the past seven days, the game’s native token BRWL gained 150% in valuation, pushing the platform to the very top of DappRadar’s top 10 blockchain games of the week. 

Usual suspects Mobox and Upland put up a good fight, ranking second and third respectively. This week, a noticeable trend is the lack of virtual worlds like The Sandbox and NFT worlds. This might result from a rather negative trend when it comes to land NFT sales in March

Blockchain games have been at the forefront of crypto activity for months now. With this article, DappRadar looks at the hottest gaming dapps of the month. To compile this ranking, we’ve considered on-chain activity, NFT trading volumes, token valuations, and news and events surrounding each dapp.

Browse the complete list of the top 10 blockchain games of the week below. Click on the respective image to learn more about each platform. Alternatively, check out the handy video below, which summarizes the ranking for a quick view.

Top 10 blockchain games

blockchain brawlers

Blockchain Brawlers takes center stage

Wax-based arena battle game Blockchain Brawlers makes a memorable first entry into the DappRadar top 10 blockchain games list. The game ranks first this week thanks to a remarkable 150% increase in the valuation of its native token BRWL. What’s more, Blockchain Brawlers generated over $125,300 in NFT trading volume in the past seven days, while more than 3,000 unique active wallets connected to the game. 

blockchain brawlers

Mobox keeps up with strong performance

BSC-based farming game Mobox was the ruler of the March ranking, however, this week it drops a spot, placing second. Mobox has had an impressive seven days despite the rank drop, generating upwards of $4 million in NFT trading volume. Activity for the platform also spiked, as over 189,000 unique active wallets connected to the game in anticipation of the new Mobox Avatars.

blockchain brawlers

Upland ranks in the top 3

EOS-based real estate trading game Upland is a frequent presence in the DappRadar top 10 blockchain games ranking. This week, the platform ranks third thanks to a solid user base of more than 150,000 unique active wallets. What’s more, the hype surrounding the game is building up with the start of Spark Week.

blockchain brawlers

Splinterlands has the biggest audience

Hive-based Splinterlands, which ranks fourth this week, has once again attracted the highest number of unique active wallets in the past week. With more than 522,000 wallets connected to the trading card gaming platform, Splinterlands is rightfully in the top 5 this week. 

blockchain brawlers

Alien Worlds completes the Wax dream team

Alien Worlds is one of the most visited dapps on the Wax blockchain, with more than 300,000 unique active wallets registered in the past week. This week’s highest-ranked game, Blockchain Brawlers, is still far behind in this regard. Unfortunately, Alien Worlds’ native token TLM lost about 5% in value this week, interfering with the game’s ranking. 

Axie Infinity launched Origin

Axie Infinity has had a turbulent couple of weeks following the now infamous Ronin bridge hack. However, the play-to-earn giant makes it in this week’s top ten thanks to the launch of the brand new Axie Infinity: Origin. This new release pushed activity for the platform, which generated over $8.6 million in NFT trading volume in the past seven days

blockchain brawlers

Welcome CryptoBlades

CryptoBlades has been around for quite some time now, but this is the first time the game has entered the DappRadar top 10 blockchain games ranking. The game attracted over 36,000 unique active wallets in the past seven days. But what pushed it on this list was a 9% increase in the value of its native token SKILL

Aavegotchi playdrops on the horizon

Aavegotchi has had quite the run over the last several weeks with the launch of its Gotchiverse. This week, it snags eighth place as players are excitedly joining the first playdrop events. What’s more Aavegotchi attracted over a quarter of a million dollars in NFT trading volume in the past seven days

Farmers World is back

The third Wax-based entry in this week’s ranking is Farmers World. The game rightfully takes a spot on this list after generating more than $152,000 in NFT trading volume in the past seven days. Farmers World is also attracting more and more players, with 123,250 unique active wallets connected to the game in the past week

Gods Unchained introduces new NFT packs

Last but not least, we have Gods Unchained. The game has built a steady following over time and this shows. Gods Unchained attracted close to 10,000 unique active wallets to its platform in the past seven days. The rise in activity is also due to the upcoming release of the Mortal Judgment NFT pack collection, which will be the last one for Season 2 of the game. 

Blockchain Brawlers has heavy competition on Wax

Blockchain Brawlers tops the chart this week thanks to an impressive price hike for its native token BRWL. However, the game has some stiff competition on its home blockchain. Wax has become a go-to solution for blockchain game developers as it offers fast and cheap transactions. The highly-popular AtomicMarket is also a driving force.

Games like Alien Worlds, Farmers World, and Splinterlands have long benefited from the solid foundation and NFT sales platform Wax offers. What’s more, these are frequent entries on the DappRadar top 10 blockchain games list. It will be curious to see whether rising star Blockchain Brawlers will follow in their footsteps. For the moment, it sure looks like it. 

DappRadar will continue monitoring the blockchain gaming space as new projects rise to fame and take over the charts. To see a more detailed breakdown of blockchain games’ performance in the past week, check out the full Top Blockchain Games Ranking. You can also join the DappRadar PRO community to get the most up-to-date stats and a chance to join exclusive discussions in the private PRO Discord channels. 

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