MOBOX Planning Avatar Airdrop for veMBOX Holders

MOBOX Airdrop
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MOBOX will take a BNB chain snapshot on April 5th, 2022, at 8 am (UTC)

MOBOX: NFT Farmer has been enjoying a bumper week as it prepares for several updates and an airdrop intended to take the NFT infused GameFi platform to the next level. First up, will be an avatar airdrop for users already holding veMBOX with a snapshot of BNB wallets announced for April 5, 2022. 

MOBOX avatars are a virtual representation of a player for the forthcoming MOMOverse, set to launch next week. They are digital versions of a player intended to allow users to express their identity in the MOBOX metaverse. 

veMBOX boosts a player’s position in liquidity pools on MOBOX, and is given to players based on how long they stake their MBOX tokens. Arguably those holding the most veMBOX are amongst the most engaged uses of the MOBOX platform. 

MOBOX activity swells 

The number of unique active wallets connecting to the MOBOX platform has skyrocketed this past week as old, and new players get excited about the airdrop and release of the MOMOverse. Additionally, the spike in the last 24 hours is most likely due to a rush of players to stake MBOX for veMBOX to allow them to be eligible for the airdrop. 

MOBOX Airdrop

Alongside the swelling number of users heading into MOBOX this week, we can also see a spike in NFT sales, and the average price of a MOBOX NFT has increased by more than 25% in the last 24 hours. At the same time, the MOBOX token is up by more than 25% over the previous seven days.

MOBOX Airdrop
NFT Sales: Last 24 Hours

MOBOX Airdrop Snapshot April 5 

MOBOX will take a snapshot of the BNB chain on April 5th, 2022, at 8 am (UTC), and notably, the staking duration of veMBOX NFTs must be set as “Long” on Each address on the BNB chain that meets the following conditions can obtain up to three Avatar chests. 

  1. 18000–32000 veMBOX will receive 1 Avatar chest
  2. 32001–90000 veMBOX will receive 2️ Avatar chests
  3. More than 90001 veMBOX will receive 3️ Avatar chests

The MOBOX Avatar smart contract is expected to be released after the official launch of MOMOverse. After the Avatar smart contract is released, the Avatar chests will be airdropped to players. 

What are MOBOX Avatars?

They are ERC-721 NFT tokens at the technical level, and each avatar has 15 fixed attributes that cannot be changed once minted. Importantly, there is no limit to the number of MOBOX avatars a player can mint.

Each property attribute of the avatar has a corresponding rarity, and the rarity of limited property is less than 0.001%. Additionally, MOBOX Avatars will have a broad rarity based on the rarity of 15 property attributes. Each Avatar has eight unique slots, which can produce a mosaic limited-edition NFT, which can be displayed in the MOBOX game.

MOBOX Airdrop

The MOBOX Avatar is the identity and is a unique WEB3 ID used in the MOMOverse. Players who hold Avatars can participate in MOprofession, MOsocial and MOMO Home. Subsequent games in the MOMOverse will have specific requirements for Avatar rarity. At writing, the MOBOX team state it will open an avatar market and that players can also list avatars on 3rd party NFT marketplaces. 

As mentioned, eligible players will be in line to receive avatar chests, and those not eligible can buy avatar chests in the MOMOverse. Opening the Avatar chest will mint a new avatar, and the avatar ID starts from 1000 and accumulates sequentially. Players can also replace the avatar they hold into an avatar chest in MOMOverse for a fee, and the original avatar ID will be canceled. 

What is the MOMOverse? 

Set to launch on April 5,  the MOMOverse will let players experience an immersive and casual gaming experience. They can choose a profession with several choices available, including a shopkeeper, builder, and farmer. To aid the platform’s virality and social reach, the MOMOverse will also have a network of social games embedded. These include resource islands, party farming, guild wars, the league of Avatars, and more. 

Within the MOMOverse the MOmarket will facilitate the easy trading of NFT items. Residents can also access a MOseum, allowing them to showcase MOMO NFTs and digital collectibles from outside the MOMO universe. The MOBOX Creator lets players design and mint NFT assets that can be used or sold to other players. 

Vitally, MOMOverse has said they will release a second phase update that includes a MOMOverse World Map and MOland gameplay. Players and guilds can explore and compete for their territory. You can find a comprehensive breakdown of MOMOverse features and a roadmap here

BNB Chain has a star 

The rise of play-to-earn gaming and games intertwined with DeFi and NFT mechanics has become wildly popular, and MOBOX NFT Farmer is one of the rising stars. MOBOX has become a regular entry in the DappRadar top ten charts on BNB Chain and across all networks and categories. This further highlights the strength of the NFT infused play-to-earn platform and its broad appeal more clearly.

There are specific challenges to tackle for MOBOX after making considerable strides in 2021. The retention of users will be critical for MOBOX to keep expanding. This airdrop and the launch of the MOMOverse look set to push MOBOX to the next level, and we will continue to track and report on developments from one of the leading dapps on the BNB chain

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