Axie Infinity Land NFTs Sell for $1.5 Million

Axie Infinity land sale record
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Nine Genesis plots at the center of Lunacia

Someone bought nine Genesis land plots in the upcoming world of Axie Infinity for a record transaction of $1.5 million. The transaction took place on the Ronin sidechain, which is tailored for Axie Infinity and doesn’t come with any transaction fees. Axie Infinity launched their Ronin sidechain one week ago.

This purchase of 9 Axie Infinity Genesis land plots is the biggest NFT transaction in terms of value ever. Even though, of course, we’re talking about nine NFTs here. On average these land plots cost 166 thousand dollars, which would still be enough to enter last week’s Top 10 NFT sales.

An NFT, or non-fungible token, is a digital asset that has its scarcity and ownership secured through blockchain technology. This means that only the owner of the NFT has full control over a particular asset, in this case, a piece of virtual land inside Lunacia, the world of Axie Infinity. 

This 1.5 million dollar sale is not an incident on its own, as it’s part of a bigger trend. In the past weeks, the trading volume of NFTs has rapidly been increasing. CryptoPunks and Hashmasks have been making headlines with sales as high as 747 thousand dollars. Right now there are some 1 million dollar bids for certain CryptoPunks, but these have not been accepted yet.

Despite the high gas fees, trading digital assets on NFT marketplaces hasn’t slowed down. From the second week of January, we’ve seen an explosion in trading activity. The basketball collectibles from NBA Top Shot and the increasing interest in Hashmasks artworks have had a strong impact on the entire NFT market. 

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