NFT Whales Jumping into Hashmasks – Top 10 NFT sales

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Two hashmasks sell for $1.1m combined!

In its first full week of secondary market trading, the digital artworks of Hashmasks didn’t lose their upward momentum thanks to some NFT whales. The project is responsible for seven out of the ten most valuable sold NFTs, while CryptoPunks filled in the remaining spots. Each of the NFTs in the weekly sales Top 10 is worth more than 100 thousand dollars, and some of the big purchases come from prominent NFT collectors.

Over the week one of the NFT whales bought both the ‘sex’ and ‘God of War’ Hashmasks for a combined 1.1 million dollars. A zombie punk with nerd glasses, a cigarette, and a tophat completes the top three sales.

  1. Hashmasks – sex – 420 ETH / $640.151 (Danny Secure)
  2. Hashmasks – God of War – 300 ETH / $497.856 (Danny Secure)
  3. CryptoPunks – punk 6297 – 215 ETH / $361.997 (owner)
  4. CryptoPunks – punk 8870 – 120 ETH / $199.142 (Kyubi)
  5. Hashmasks – Hashmask 9316 – 100 ETH / $152.417 (Danny)
  6. Hashmasks – Hashmask 15853 – 90 ETH / $149.357 (Hashmasker)
  7. Hashmasks – Mythical Creature – 80 ETH / $121.933 (illestrater)
  8. CryptoPunks – punk 6666 – 79.99 ETH / $109.583 (Kyubi)
  9. Hashmasks – Golden – 60 ETH / $103.229 (illestrater)
  10. Hashmasks – Hashmask 12442 – 60 ETH / $101.022 (owner)

Hashmasks Trading activity

The collector who goes by the name of ‘Danny’, but remains anonymous, is responsible for the biggest purchases on the Hashmasks market. Some of his purchases moved to his secure wallet, while others remained in his main trading wallet. At the same time, a wallet containing the Ethereum name Kyubi bought two of the three CryptoPunks in the Top 10 NFT sales.

The Hashmasks community keeps finding new hints and traits, hidden in the artworks. Every new detail can change the value of an artwork. The value of these collectible artworks has gone through the roof, as we reported last week. However, over the weekend the number of token holders dropped. Currently, there are 3355 wallets containing one or more Hashmasks (HM tokens), while that number was 3387 before the weekend.

At the moment the Top 100 Hashmasks holders own 46.24% of all the Hashmasks, while the Top 10 holds 20.8%. With CryptoPunks the Top 100 wallets hold more than 70% of the total supply, while the Top 10 holds 32.86%. This underlines the fact that the supply of Hashmasks is still spread out quite a lot, despite big wallets acquiring more and more artworks. 

Other big NFT sales worth mentioning

  • Tickets for NFT whale Pranksy’s upcoming Cryptopunks lottery draw are selling like hotcakes . Data from OpenSea suggests more than 430 ETH or $702.000 in trading volume. 
  • The upcoming online role-playing  game Mirandus has auctioned five virtual banks, which players can deploy inside the game world. These banks sold for a combined $229.000. At the same time, secondary market trading was up 69% to 45.7 ETH, or $74.500. 
  • Crypto artist Beeple noticed a significant increase in trading volume for his artworks. In the past seven days, there has been 371.43 ETH ($605.000) in trading volume, mainly thanks to one major sale to whale wallet 0x_b1.

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