Axie Infinity AMA – DappDays Highlights

Axie Infinity AMA - DappDays HIghlights
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Axie Origin, The Great Reset, NFT Runes & Charms, and more from the popular Pokémon-inspired play-to-earn game.

On Wednesday, 10th August, DappRadar spoke with Axie Infinity as part of our DappDays celebration week.

Axie Infinity is a trailblazing play-to-earn game inspired by Pokémon, where users can breed and battle their characters and earn AXS. The game was first on the Ethereum blockchain before changing to the Ronin Network.  

In this digital pet universe, cute adorable creatures called Axies teach players key crypto lessons in the context of a game. For example, setting up a wallet and providing liquidity, all through an adorable and fun medium.

What we have right now is a card battler combination between Pokémon and Hearthstone. A player vs. player battle ecosystem where people use their strongest Axies to defeat opponents, win stars and compete on the leaderboard.


What Axie Origin is and how users react to it

Origin is the upgraded battle version of Axie Infinity introducing new game mechanics and enhanced onboarding experiences. It is currently in its alpha phase, and users are reacting positively to it as over 800.000 downloads since its release in April show.

We learned that more than 2 million wallets are holding Axies right now. On top of this, over 400.000 have been purchased on the marketplace. 

Axie Origin is a huge upgrade from the previous battle system – Axie Classic or V2, and now we have 3 free-starter Axies that allow anybody to play for free and try the game. This was not the case before and is a major change.


How players will be able to use their Axies in the future

The Sky Mavis team behind Axie Infinity is developing many exciting features. For example, the introduction of infinite games works as mini-games inside the Axie Infinity ecosystem. They are part of Axie Infinity´s builder´s program initiative, where game developers apply for grants to build on top of the Axie IP and create games for the community.  

Think of your Axie as a ticket to Infinite Games and Infinite Experiences. These games will be created by Sky Mavis, other gaming studios, or community members. There has been some great progress during the last few months and we have a few games currently playable in alpha for Axie holders.

Many new developments on Axie Infinity Origins are coming up soon, and the team has laid the process out in stages. They are currently on stage three: implementing NFTs runes and charms. 

The Great Reset – NFT Runes & Charms

The Great Reset was a huge update for the Axie Infinity marketplace, and it will allow for the buying, selling, and trading of erc-1155 tokens. We learned what the Great Reset will do and how it will be a huge step for increasing sustainability and the economy of Origin. 

It is going to cost SLP to mint these runes and charms that you can sell and trade on our marketplace, so you are going to have people who play the game and craft runes and charms, but maybe it’s not suitable for their team, and someone else might want that rune and charm, so you can spend SLP, craft it and then trade it on the marketplace.


AMA time stamps

00:00 – Intro

07:30 – Axie Infinity trailer

09:05 – What is Axie Infinity? 

13:00 – What changes in user behavior has Axie Infinity seen?

14:45 – AxieCon in Barcelona, what should people expect of it?

18:50 – Axie Infinity – The Great Reset: Preparing For NFT Runes & Charms

23:30 – Games within the Axie Infinity game

25:00 – Axie Infinity’s land staking

27:40 – Axie Infinity Origin Story Contest

31:10 – People playing Axie Infinity to pay their bills

32:50 – Axie Infinity’s Ronin Hack

36:30 – Axie Infinity is looking to become the industry’s standard blockchain for gaming and consumer apps 

39:30 – What is the future of the Axies?

41:20 – What are the least understood features of Axie Infinity?

44:30 – What is the roadmap for Axie Infinity for 2022?

Watch the AMA and learn everything you need to know about Axie Infinity.

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