Axie Infinity Origin Brings Brand New Arena Mode

Axie Infinity Origin Brings Brand New Arena Mode
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Players will be able to win more points and rewards with Ronin Spirit

Axie Infinity Origin is among the most hyped play-to-earn releases upcoming in April. The game will launch on April 7th, bringing in a completely revamped Arena gaming mode. The arena is the place where players battle against each other, fighting for points to climb the overall ranking and earn AXS rewards. 


In a detailed overview released by Axie.Tech, Sky Mavis has outlined major changes to one of the main gaming modes in the upcoming Origin release. The new arena mode will allow players to try their Axie teams against other players. There will be a total of 4 arena seasons per year, each lasting for 2 months with a one-month break between the different seasons. 

Arena battles will be divided into three modes: practice, ranked, and tournament. Practice and ranked matches will be available all the time while tournaments will be organized periodically. Importantly, players will only be able to earn rewards in the ranked and tournament modes. Practice mode allows players to test out their teams and find out the best combination of Axies to fight in rewards-generating modes. 

Axie Infinity Origin ranked battles 

The Axie Infinity Origin arena will feature 8 ranks with 4 subdivisions each. When battling in ranked mode, players will collect stars by climbing the tiers and subsequent ranks. Getting a higher rank influences the end-of-season rewards for each player. At the end of each Origin season, players will receive AXS based on their rank.

Players will also receive bonus stars for successfully completing all tiers in a given rank level. Importantly, losing battles affects players’ ranking. A battle that ends in a draw does not have an effect on star scores while winning a battle grants players 2 stars. Each tier requires players to accumulate a different amount of stars in order to move to the next tier.

When a player reaches the final Challenger rank they will be entered into the Challenger sphere. The Challenger Sphere doesn’t have tiers. Instead, players are stack ranked (1st, 2nd… 100th, and so on) based on the amount of victory stars collected from Challenger sphere wins.

New stats will impact players’ earning potential

Axie Infinity has one of the largest scholarship programs in the play-to-earn sector. This allows players to participate in the game with other people’s NFTs. However, the new Axie Infinity Origin will place a focus on rewarding players who own their Axies. Two newly introduced stats will vary based on the number of personal Axies a player owns. Personal Axies are only the ones directly purchased by the player, not ones distributed through scholarship programs. 

In order to compete in ranked battles, players will need stamina points. Stamina points are capped at 50 daily points per player. However, not everyone is guaranteed the full 50 Stamina points. The amount of stamina a player gets depends on the number of personal Axies they own. 

Aside from Stamina, players will need to keep track of the Ronin Spirit. This metric determines how much SLP players will win from battles. Once again, the Ronin Spirit score will be influenced by the number of Axies a player owns. If the whole team of 3 Axies are player-owned, then their Ronin Spirit will be equal to 3, the maximum amount. 

Can Axie Infinity Origin bring positive results?

Axie Infinity Origin is an important release that has been in the works for quite some time. Importantly, the release on April 7th will happen mere days after the huge Ronin bridge exploit. This unfortunate event was a serious setback for the whole Axie Infinity ecosystem. With more than $615 million worth of ETH and USDC missing, this is the largest exploit of a play-to-earn ecosystem to date. 

According to DappRadar data, all dapps in the ecosystem have experienced a significant drop in the past seven days. The Axie Infinity Marketplace welcomed 34% fewer users, while the game itself saw a 13% drop in unique active wallets. Importantly, as shown by the abrupt drop in the graph, Katana DEX is still disabled.

Despite the negative backdrop, Axie Infinity Origin has already created a lot of excited chatter among Axie community members. What’s more, Sky Mavis has organized the Origin Launch Week, which includes a drop-like release of information about the game. This has built additional excitement and hype around the new release. 

DappRadar will continue monitoring the Axie Infinity ecosystem as the Origin release is just behind the corner. To learn more about Axie Infinity, check out the useful links below. Additionally, you can follow DappRadar on Twitter to get the latest Axie news first. 

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