AnRKey X and its Native Token ANRX

AnRKey X and its Native Token ANRX
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Everything you need to know about the Polygon-based gaming platform and its ANRX token

AnRKey X is an innovative gaming studio employing the powers of web3 and the Polygon blockchain to bring monetary rewards to its players. The platform’s native token ANRX is the backbone of a complex economy, allowing gamers to play and earn while having fun. 

AnRKey’s primary goal is to create a platform where gamers can earn and communicate effortlessly. Notably, the team is working on bringing tokenization and play-to-earn capabilities to traditional gaming as well. 

What is AnRKey?

AnRKey is a Polygon-based gaming platform combining play-to-earn mechanics with a social aspect. Currently, the platform offers gamers access to Battle Wave 2323, a trading card battling game powered by the ANRX token. 

Combining DeFi, play-to-earn, and NFTs, Battle Wave 2323 is AnRKey’s ultimate web3 project. This is the first game to come to the ecosystem, and it sets a high standard for upcoming projects. Players get to trade their NFT cards, battle in PvP mode and earn ANRX tokens. 

The AnRKey has also worked on developing a multifunctional implementation of NFTs across its economy. By creating three different types of NFTs, the team initiated a market economy within the AnRKey ecosystem. In-game assets, prizes, and collectibles on the AnRKey platform all come in the form of NFTs. Most importantly, NFT trading is powered by the platform’s native token ANRX. 

More on the ANRX token

ANRX is the backbone of the whole AnRKey ecosystem. It serves multiple purposes. On the one hand, ANRX is the platform’s governance token, allowing stakeholders to participate in governance votes to determine AnRKey’s future. Additionally, staking ANRX also brings users passive income rewards. An impressive 25% of the total ARNX token supply is set aside for yield farming rewards through staking. 

On the other hand, the token facilitates all transactions on the AnRKey platform. Whenever a player purchases an NFT, or claims play-to-earn rewards, this happens thanks to the ANRX token. 

DappRadar will continue monitoring the blockchain gaming space as platforms like AnRKey bring revolutionary ideas to their community. If you want to learn more about AnRKey or try out Battle Wave 2323, check out their official dapp page. You can also follow DappRadar on Twitter to get the latest web3 and blockchain gaming updates first. 

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