Gods Unchained: All About the Collectible Card Game

Gods Unchained- All About the Collectible Card Game
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An introduction to this popular AAA competitive trading card game

Do you like playing trading card games? How about Gods Unchained, the next-generation game that is taking the world by storm? With deep storytelling and beautiful graphics, Gods Unchained has gained a legion of fans and removed the focus from originals like Magic: The Gathering. But what does this game have to build such a strong community and constantly lead our top games ranking on DappRadar? Keep reading and find out what’s behind the success of Gods Unchained.

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What is Gods Unchained?

Gods Unchained is a digital collectible card game (CCG) where players can use their cards to battle each other in multiplayer matches. It takes inspiration from games like Magic: The Gathering (MTG), and the developers have created a unique spin on the classic formula.

It was launched in late 2019 and has made it into the AAA quality gaming category while challenging the very foundations on which the industry is built.

Who created Gods Unchained?

The stellar team responsible for creating the popular digital collectible card game is led by the Australian game studio Immutable. Its director, Chris Clay, left his previous position as an executive at MTG – yes, the first of its kind game – to join Gods Unchained in 2019.

Although still in Beta version, Gods Unchained is a game ahead of its time that brings thousands of people into the future of trading card gaming.

Getting started with Gods Unchained

If you’re familiar with trading card games, you’ll easily get the hang of Gods Unchained. If not, don’t worry, we can guide you through the main aspects you need to know, and the game has plenty of content to help you.

Sooner than later, you’ll be ready to outsmart your opponents with strategic moves combining tactics to earn new cards – all this for free while. 

One of the factors that make Gods Unchained so attractive to new players is that the game is free-to-play. And while it’s possible to buy expansion packs and spend money in-game, that doesn’t mean it’s the pay-to-win type.

When playing Gods Unchained, you’ll need a deck of 30 cards to play against an opponent in the arena. There are six different card domains of the Eucus universe – referring to each one of the six main Gods.

  • Thaeriel: God of Light;
  • Elyrian: God of Magic;
  • Aeona: Goddess of Nature;
  • Malissus: Goddess of Death;
  • Auros: God of War;
  • Ludia: Goddess of Deception.

Each of them has specific sets of cards and powers that can represent a creature, a spell, or a relic – and you can buy them on the game marketplace or earn them through playing for free.

Arena Gods Unchained

It’s worth noting that as the game progresses and new expansion packs are released, storytelling and even the game itself also change. Don’t worry, this is a spoiler-free guide.

The story behind Gods Unchained

The game lore revolves around the six sibling Gods and their lust for power. As each of their domains has unique characteristics, and the Gods wish to dominate all others, they choose heroes to fight in their names in the Arena.

Their heroes, once common mortals that led ordinary lives, get a chance to earn a portion of their god’s power in case of victory in their trials.

Currently, there are four expansion packs available for purchase – Trials of the Gods, Divine Order, Mortal Judgement, and Light’s Verdict. They bring new ways to play, different unique cards, and exciting evolution of the narrative that keeps you in the game.

You can read the complete stories behind the Gods Unchained universe on its official blog

How to play the game

Now you know a bit more about what’s behind Gods Unchained storytelling background, it’s game time. You get to unlock cards through the game itself, and competition is really valued there. So do you get started playing Gods Unchained?

Once you have created an account, installed the game, and connected your wallet, the best way to get started is to play the game Tutorial. There, besides learning the basic game mechanics, you’ll also gain six free packs, one of each God domain.

Then, if you are curious to expand your cards right away, you can also head to the game Open Market and buy yourself new packs of cards.

This is also when you’ll get to start playing against other players and unlock new cards as you win and level up.

As you play and win Gods Unchained, you can also earn the game token GODS – which can be used to buy cards or to trade for real-world money.

Gods Unchained cards

Gods Unchained brings together six domains and their diverse worlds into their game cards. While players can earn new packs of cards when reaching a new level or winning special contests, they are also able to buy and sell them on the marketplace and even merge two cards to increase their power.

As you know, cards can be of creatures, spells, or relics and belong to one of the six domains above. They also have a Mana value – a form of magic inherited from MTG used to pay for casting most of the cards in the game, strength, and durability. And, as any good collectible, their rarity is also defined and ranges from Common to Epic – which significantly impacts the card value.

Each card also has a text that explains what it does when used against an opponent.

It’s interesting to note that there currently are eight sets of cards – or series or collections. Every set has a specific number of unique cards, that number more than a thousand.

Every god has three powers that you’re able to select depending on your opponent’s powers. Once you start playing and get used to the dynamics of it, Gods Unchained becomes easier to make better decisions that help you to win victories and earn more cards and tokens.

What makes Gods Unchained innovative?

Unlike the majority of trading card games, Gods Unchained rewards players for their contributions and loyalty. This game actually lets players earn financial rewards from playing – without necessarily making any investment. But how is this possible? Let’s take a look at what makes Gods Unchained a vanguard success.

Card ownership

Gods Unchained allows you to actually own your cards. We don’t mean simply buying in-game items that are worthless if the game is shut down. The cards in Gods Unchained are digital collectibles that players own and get to decide if to use in-game, trade, or sell for real-world money in a complex and functioning game economy.

The collectible cards are unique digital assets that you, as a gamer, can obtain for free while playing and sell later for a profit. They are also available for purchase, but it doesn’t mean that you can buy and win games by paying to win.

Quality gameplay

Part of Gods Unchained success is due to its top-quality gameplay – which, in turn, is also due to the players’ ability to own their cards.

Even though some other play-and-earn games were successful in 2021 and even 2022, only very few present such rich gameplay to the community. So much so that it doesn’t even look like a game related to NFTs and cryptocurrencies.

In any case, it is thanks to the Immutable X blockchain, an Ethereum Layer-2, that Gods Unchained manages to offer such a good gaming experience.

What is GODS, and how to earn it?

As mentioned above, GODS is the native token of the trading card game Gods Unchained. This means you can use it to buy any kind of in-game item you like – reminding that when you buy cards, they are truly yours and will be found in your wallet.

GODS tokens too. They don’t belong only inside the game’s universe but have real-world value and have their security backed by blockchain technology of the Immutable X protocol.

GODS token
Source: Gods Unchained

They were launched in June 2021 and expanded possibilities for gamers to earn through playing. As the token is integrated into the game systems, if you choose to stake the tokens in your wallet, you can boost your game rewards. 

At the time of writing, the token had a total market cap of $28.79 million and was worth around $0.3. Therefore, once you put together 100 GODS tokens, you can trade them for $30.

Right now, it’s not much, but it’s honest gameplay – but the scenario was quite different in December 2021, when the token saw its peak at $7,10.

Keep learning about the next generation of games

As games keep evolving with new technologies, DappRadar presents and follows everything closely. We’ve seen Gods Unchained rise in charts since early on.

Through data you can find in our Rankings, you can see how the game reaches a loyal community of players despite the fall of the token price.

We hope you enjoyed learning more about the fascinating universe of Gods Unchained with us.

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