Top 10 Best Blockchain Games to Play and Earn Crypto Tokens

best blockchain games play and earn - december 2023

A round of the 10 best blockchain games to play and earn crypto tokens

Since the initial play-to-earn hype of 2021, the ecosystem has matured and right now there are various blockchain games on the market where gamers can earn crypto tokens. These play-to-earn games then allow players to reinvest their earnings into the game, or cash out to support their daily lives. In this article we take a look at 10 blockchain games that allow you to play and earn crypto tokens in the process.

Before we dive into the list, please know that play-to-earn is not a promise to get rich fast. Play-to-earn allows gamers to earn game currencies from playing. Then they can convert those in-game currencies for other crypto or fiat. In addition, not every play-to-earn mode is created equal. Often the earning potential of a game only really blossoms when players also invest in NFTs or other game items.

If you want to learn more about play-to-earn, please continue reading. Now, let’s list the 10 blockchain games that allow you to earn crypto.

Earn crypto playing these games

These are the 10 best blockchain games to play and earn with at the moment. Some provide a great web3 gaming experience but all of them give you the chance to make a little something on the side.

Axie Infinity

The pet battle game that started it all is still one of the market leaders. Use your NFT characters to battle other players and outsmart them through tactical turn-based battles. Axie Infinity allows players to earn SLP and AXS tokens by climbing the ladder and competing in tournaments.


The social farming MMO game Pixels has taking Web3 by storm when it moved over to the Ronin Network. Players farm their own land, harvest resources, complete quests, craft items, trade assets, and so on. Pixels allows gamers to earn BERRY tokens. In Q1 2024 to team will also launch a major play-to-airdrop campaign to launch their own PIXEL governance token.


With the trading card game Parallel we list one of the biggest projects of 2023. The trading card game launched its first expansion pack in November 2023, while the team is also working on a lot more content in the Parallel Universe. However, right now we can only play the trading card game. Players need to use their NFT cards to battle opponents and beat them. Performing well will earn players PRIME tokens, and these cryptocurrencies will become more important as the Parallel ecosystem develops.

Nine Chronicles

The idle role-playing game Nine Chronicles launched a mobile version in late 2023. This makes the already popular idle RPG available to many more participants. In Nine Chronicles players need to level up their characters, farm resources, and craft new gear. As their hero grows stronger, they will be able to compete in PVP battles. Simply by installing the game, players are eligible to start earning NCG tokens. The deeper you dive into the game’s ecosystem, the bigger your rewards will become.


CyberTitans is an auto-chess game in which players need to place their Titans on the board, use buffs and place objects. Players also need to create synergies between their Titans to give their teams a buff. CyberTitans has a ladder competition, allowing players to earn from their 8-player battles.

REVV Racing

When it comes to racing games, there aren’t many games like REVV Racing. This online browser game allows players to use their NFT cars and compete in weekly challenges. The fastest drivers can earn from a juicy prize pool, and they will be paid in SHRD and REVV tokens (depending on the type of race / tournament).

Star Atlas

The space epos of Star Atlas isn’t fully finished yet, but NFT holders can use their space ships already in Star Atlas: Golden Era. This strategy game allows players to gather resources and craft items. Obviously it will tie in with the wider Star Atlas ecosystem, as more parts of the game will be released. The ATLAS token is very important in the game economy.

The Sandbox

The metaverse game world of The Sandbox now allows players to create games and deploy them on their land. In addition, creators can make NFT assets and sell them on the marketplace. Every game, every asset, and all activations within The Sandbox are powered by the SAND token. A wide variety of celebrities and brands have already created games and experiences within The Sandbox.


Without a doubt, Aavegotchi is a whole lot more than it was two years ago. With the Gotchiverse and a wide variety of third-party games, Aavegotchi has become a gaming platform with strong ties to DeFi services. For example, by venturing into the Gotchiverse players can earn crypto tokens such as KEK, FOMO, ALPHA and FUD.

Sweat Economy

The last game in this list, is a move-to-earn platform called Sweat Economy. This mobile app allows users to earn SWEAT tokens by completing walking challenges. Walk enough on a day, and you will be able to earn some SWEAT tokens. Users can then use their earned tokens to acquire rewards or simply cash out to other crypto. In addition there’s an NFT game, allowing competitors to earn more SWEAT.

How to find more games?

DappRadar lists all kinds of blockchain games, and through our Rankings you can already find a lot. No matter whether you’re looking for a game to play, or a game to invest in, we’ve got you covered. As with all investments, the earlier you are, the riskier the investment. However, it can also be the difference between 10x or 1,000x on your gamble.

On DappRadar we offer various ways to discover play-to-earn games, and below I will list them for you:

  1. Dive into the Games Rankings, and set filters to find your ideal Web3 game
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  3. Keep an eye on DappRadar Quests, where projects are searching for active participants
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