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GameFi platform on Wax grows a lot in August

Alien Worlds, the largest play-to-earn game on the Wax blockchain, has turned its boosters to the max and is on a collision course with the moon. The DeFi meets gaming dapp grew its user count by 10% in August, pulling in over 1 million unique active wallets to its platform.  

In the last 30-days, Alien Worlds has attracted 1 million unique active wallets to its platform. Interestingly we see that the number of transactions is 427 million. With each action in the game taking a single transaction we can estimate that each wallet carried out around 427 transactions or actions in the game. Due to the nature of the game and how its mechanics work in regards to transactions we always expect a high number. More significantly, Alien Worlds surpassing 1 million active users in August alone is the real benchmark. 

A quick glance at the overall dapp games list ranked by users over the last 30-days shows the achievement in more context. Alien Worlds has amassed the same number of active users in August as CryptoBlades, Axie Infinity, and Splinterlands combined. Moreover, the closest competitor to Alien Worlds in August is CryptoBlades. Still, with just over half a million active wallets it’s some way away from Alien Worlds.  

There is no single cause for the surge toward 1 million. Instead, the development team behind Alien Worlds has been extremely busy building its community through social media channels and several trivia quizzes and interactive games on Twitch, Telegram, and Discord. All of which boosted engagement with the brand and, consequently, led more people to play the game. As rewards for these quizzes and competitions, Alien Worlds gave away free NFTs. These rewards, seemingly motivated players to mine or stake Trilium (TLM), the native in-game token.

Alien Worlds NFTs 

NFTs play a vital role in Alien Worlds. They are required by users to perform a variety of functions in the virtual world. Land NFTs are among the most in-demand as they allow holders to make a commission for every mining operation by other players on their plots. Other NFT items like tools and equipment aid players in mining TLM. The better your items, the more TLM you can mine with a single interaction. Looking at some of the biggest NFT sales on the platform over the last 30-days brings further insight into what players are doing and which items are most in demand. 

The most expensive item sold in the last 30-days was an Active Volcano for around $40,000 at the time of writing. Further top 5 sales represent Geothermal Springs and one more Volcano. Interestingly, using the DappRadar NFT page for Alien Worlds we see that some of the buyers are the same.

WAXP Booster 

One additional reason behind the surge is that items in Alien Worlds are traded in WAXP. The native token of the Wax blockchain. Last week we reported a 126% increase in the token price of WAXP upon its debut on Binance. The token had previously struggled to break the $0.20 barrier, now it’s resting around 80% higher or at $0.34 at the time of writing.

Those players holding NFTs or in-demand items could have used this opportunity to generate more revenue from a sale. For example, the number one sale as mentioned above was for an Active Volcano on Eyeke. It sold for 105,760 WAXP. If the item had been sold before the price hike, importantly for the same amount of WAXP tokens. The seller would have generated $19,036 from the sale. Instead, they made twice that amount. Furthermore, those holding amounts of WAXP could also convert that for higher amounts of TLM, bring it to the marketplace, and effectively have more purchasing power. 

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