Alien Worlds Doubles User Wallets in 7 Days

The play-to-earn game attracted 101% more unique active wallets in a week

Alien Worlds, the biggest Wax-based play-to-earn game, has seen double the amount of unique user wallets compared to the week before. The platform attracted 101% more users in just seven days, boosting the total wallet count to 769,740. 

Since August 21st, the game has seen two distinct spikes in the number of unique active wallets interacting with its smart contracts. This led to more than 108 million transactions being processed by the platform. Of course, it is important to note that each action on Alien Worlds is recorded as an interaction with the smart contracts, so it is no surprise that the number of transactions is so high. 

The Alien Worlds team has been extremely active across all social media channels in the past several days. They hosted several trivia quizzes and interactive games on Twitch, Telegram, and Discord, boosting engagement with the brand and, consequently, game activity. As rewards for these quizzes and competitions, Alien Worlds gave away free NFTs. These rewards, in turn, motivated players to mine or stake Trilium (TLM), the native in-game token.

Alien Worlds NFT sales

NFTs have a huge role to play on the Alien Worlds platform. There are several different kinds of NFTs performing a variety of functions in the virtual world. Land NFTs are among the most sought after. They allow owners to take a commission for every mining operation on their plot. 

Other NFT items like tools and equipment serve as boosters for players who aim to mine the largest amount of TLM. The better your items, the more TLM you can mine with a single interaction. 

In the past seven days, several high-grossing land sales also boosted interest in the platform. A Geothermal Spring plot on Neri sold for more than 72,000 WAX, or about $24,766. A neighboring land plot on the same planet sold for 65,140 WAX, or $22,074 at the time of the sale. 

Alien Worlds

These sales combined with the strong upwards trend Alien Worlds has seen in the past week are a good indicator that the game will continue holding its rank. For the moment, this is the biggest play-to-earn opportunity on Wax. DappRadar will continue monitoring Alien Words’ development, so stay tuned. 

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