Alien Worlds Finds Another Home on Zilliqa

alien worlds finds another home on zilliqa
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Zilliqa is showing clear intent as it looks to make an impression in gaming

Alien Worlds and Zilliqa have announced a partnership to join forces and take their respective platforms to the next level. Last week, the two companies tweeted that Alien Worlds will soon be available to play on the Zilliqa blockchain.


  • Zilliqa has announced a partnership to host Alien Worlds on its blockchain. The move comes as the Zilliqa team makes its intentions clear to start offering its community an improved and expanded gaming experience. . 
  • Alien Worlds is one of the best performing games and regularly sits at the top of DappRadar’s rankings. In the past week, more than 283,000 users have visited the dapp and more than $200,000 have passed through the game’s smart contracts. 
  • Alien Worlds features in DappRadar’s DappDays, a week-long festival of all blockchain gaming. We invite our community to learn, engage and win prizes.

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Zilliqa to host Alien Worlds

The Zilliqa platform has welcomed the hugely popular play-to-earn game Alien Worlds to its portfolio of partnerships. The move will help expand Zilliqa’s growing list of dapps on its network. And it will also enable Alien Worlds to introduce new features to its already-popular game.

Alien Worlds announce partnership on Twitter

Zilliqa will integrate Alien Worlds into its platform via their Unity Software Development Kit. The Unity SDK was launched in May 2022 to make it easier for games to join the Zilliqa network.

Alongside frictionless integration into its platform, Zilliqa will also provide a platform for Alien Worlds to introduce an in-game DAO and PvP gameplay. Ultimately, the partnership should see both Zilliqa and Alien Worlds move to the next level in their web3 journey.

Alien Worlds is already available on both WAX and BNB Chain, and the game’s move to a third blockchain opens up more possibilities for developers. The blockchain already has strong connections to eSports partners like RRQ, MAD Lions and Ninjas in Pyjamas. Alien Worlds will look to tap into their communities to reach a wider audience.

What is Zilliqa?

Zilliqa launched in June 2017 and is the brainchild of two researchers from the National University of Singapore. The same year, the platform had its Initial Coin Offering for its native token ZIL. The mainnet went live in January 2019 . 

Zilliqa is a platform that offers more than just a blockchain. It offers businesses and creators the chance to integrate blockchain technology into their own products. Zilliqa acts as a middle layer so that companies can securely plug into web3 technologies without worrying about the complex technical aspects.

As one of the 47 blockchains that we track at DappRadar, we can see that it’s still very early days for the platform in terms of dapps built on its network. Looking at the on-chain analytics, they show that only one dapp, Zilswap, is getting any serious attention from users at the moment.

Zilliqa is looking to change that over the coming years with partnerships like its one with Alien Worlds. The platform also has plans to launch its own natively-built first-person shooter. Details are scarce so far on the game, but it shows Zilliqa’s intent to start moving into new areas of web3.

Zilliqa’s new first-person shooter

Valentin Cobelea, Head of Gaming Technology at Zilliqa spoke enthusiastically about what both parties would gain out of the new relationship: ‘We’ll provide Alien Worlds with technical support to ensure the game is properly integrated with our Unity SDK and gaming hub, in what will be a strong addition to our ecosystem.’

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