Aavegotchi to Launch New Set of DeFi NFT Wearables

aavegotchi fantasy rpg defi wearables

Users can buy raffle tickets using their frens points

The play-to-earn game dapp Aavegotchi has announced another wearables raffle, coming to the Polygon blockchain on January 26. According to the team this will be the biggest wearables raffle to date. 

Aavegotchi ghost are backed by actual cryptocurrencies. The more value these digital piggy banks contain, the better they can perform in play-to-earn mechanics. These pixel ghosts gain ever more functionality and economic power by wearing clothes and holding items. In this sixth wearables raffle, the Aavegotchi team will distribute 24 different wearable types. 

To compete and have a chance to get lucky, users will need to acquire raffle tickets. They can only acquire these tickets by staking GHST or liquidity pool tokens. The more you stake, the more frens points you will collect. You will then need to use these points to buy raffle tickets in various rarities. The rarity of the tickets gives you a bigger chance to win, and makes it more likely you will get a rare item. 

From January 26th 2 pm UTC until the 29th 2 pm UTC you can buy one-time use raffle tickets. After that the Aavegotchi team will use a random number generator powered by Chainlink to pick the winners. 

What are the Aavegotchi wearables

The wearables are all themed after role playing games, so expect a good deal of fantasy wearables. In total there are 7 completely new sets, each consisting of either 3 or 4 items. The Archer set is the most common one, while the Bushidogotchi set has the godlike rarity. The set contains one pet, the Sus Butterly. This is a legendary item and part of the Fairy set. 

Wearables influence 4 traits of the Aavegotchi ghosts:

  • AGG = aggressiveness
  • NRG = energy
  • SPK = spookiness
  • BRN = brain size

In the Aavegotchi universe traits are distributed on a bell curve. As a result having a negative trait isn’t bad. Collectors and players will need to try to get wearables that lowers or increases their score as much as possible. Essentially, being mediocre is not something you should want. 

In addition, wearables influence the Base Rarity Score (BRS). Each Aavegotchi has a BRS based on its personality traits, equipped wearables and eye traits. A common item has +1 to the BRS score, while a godlike item adds +50. 

A rare Aavegotchi will be better positioned to farm GHST during farming events. In addition a gotchi with a high BRS will undoubtedly have benefits in the upcoming Gotchiverse, a virtual world filled with DeFi and play-to-earn mechanics.

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