Aavegotchi Gets its Own Play-to-Earn Gaming Universe

aavegotchi gotchiverse realm

The Gotchiverse Realm is social, competitive, and full of earning mechanics

The pixelated DeFi game collectibles from Aavegotchi will soon walk around in their game world called the Gotchiverse. Their creators revealed the extensive plans for the pixelated ghost metaverse in their litepaper. Players can own land, farm resources, complete quests, and earn GHST tokens through gameplay.

The Gotchiverse will become a virtual world where players can use their Aavegotchi characters to win quests, farm tokens, or simply socialize with other players. The Polygon blockchain will power the entire game world. Every game asset will be a token on the blockchain, from harvested resources to building and land items to the Gotchi ghosts themselves. 

The Gotchiverse Realm, simply called Gotchiverse, currently consists of three different zones: The Citaadel, the Grid, and The Beyond. So far only The Citaadel and The Grid have been revealed, made out of 155,069 REALM parcels. These will be distributed over a two-year period. The first presale for these parcels will happen in Q3 2021. Followed by another presale in Q3 and one more in Q4 2021. 

The Citaadel will go live by the end of this year, while The Grid will get added three months later in Q1 2022. After that REALM parcels will go into public sale. 

Why do you need REALM parcels?

The initial world of the Aavegotchis contains the Citaadel and The Grid. The areas of The Beyond will get added later when certain milestones have been hit. That’s basically the long-term play here. In the Gotchiverse Realm, the Aavegotchis always battle with Liquidators. These enemies try to steal resources called Alchemica. Lands contain resources, so landowners need to defend the land. In addition, landowners can create Installations to optimize the performance of their land. 

Currently, there are four different Alchemica; Kek, Fomo, Fud, and Alpha. Each of these resources is an ERC-20 token that players can find, trade, sell or use in the game. You might need it to build an installation, or you can sell it on the integrated Gotchus Alchemica Exchange (GAX). 

Players can use their harvest to build all kinds of installations, each coming with its own benefits. These installations can also be upgraded, to improve their usage. For example, the Gotchi Lodge is a social hub, and landowners can upgrade it to support voice chat. You can also build Harvesters, which will become more efficient as you upgrade them. Of course, landowners can build walls and guard towers to protect their land against Liquidators.

The social part of Aavegotchi

The developers behind Aavegotchi have created a strong community, the Gotchi Gang. This group of enthusiasts even gained the following of rapper Lil Pump, famous for his Gucci Gang song. In the Gotchiverse players can work together in guilds to improve their harvest efforts, but there’s a lot more social interaction happening. 

Players can work together to go on adventures, battle NPC enemies, and gather resources. Those who are a bit more competitive can battle each other in the arena. Here Gotchis can fight each other over Spirit Force, the interest-bearing tokens inside a Gotchi. Here Liquidators aren’t allowed… 

Players can earn Lickquidator Credits, which gives them the ability to play in the Gotchiverse as a Lickquidator instead of an Aavegotchi. These enemies of the Gotchiverse can steal Alchemica, and there’s an event where Lickquidators can raid the Citaadel of the Gotchiverse Realm. Each Lickquidator is an NFT and it’s quite interesting to note that the team has expressed these are “uncapped ERC721 avatars”. The team has expressed they have designed these NFTs to have less focus on price speculation and more on their utility as game avatars. 

A lot remains to be learned about this layered metaverse experience. The portals to the Gotchiverse haven’t been opened yet, but the excitement from the community can be felt in the Ether Realm.

Aavegotchi is a game world with strong DeFi mechanics on the Polygon blockchain. To learn more about Polygon, dapps and relevant terminologies, please read the resources mentioned below:

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