Aavegotchi NFT Owners Now Farm GHST Tokens

aavegotchi rarity farming season 2 Ghst tokens

$3 million worth of GHST distributed to community

Today Aavegotchi launches their second season of Rarity Farming, an event where NFT owners farm GHST tokens based on the rarity of their assets. Pixelcraft Studios puts more than $3 million in the pool, which will be distributed starting from today until December 7th. 

Rarity Farming is all about finding, owning, and holding rare Aavegotchi characters. Raising these pixelated ghosts and putting rare wearables on them, makes them even more valuable. The higher level a Gotchi is, and the rare their wearables, the more GHST they will earn. In total there’s a pool of 2 million GHST tokens, currently valued at $1.63 per token. 

The second season of Rarity Farming starts on October 12th and runs for 4 rounds. Each round will take 2 weeks, after which a snapshot determines their score. When the final round is over, the cumulative scores will determine the outcome of the event. The top 100 Aavegotchis will receive a special NFT badge. The rewards are steep, as the developers estimate that the number one player will receive 100.000 GHST while reaching the top 50 during one week can already earn players 2500 GHST.  

Farming GHST doesn’t only mean that participants can earn money using their NFTs, but it’s also a preparation for future events. Aavegotchi plans to sell the first land parcels in their upcoming virtual world, the Gotchiverse Realms. Those interested in getting land, will need to use GHST tokens to buy them. Learn more about land gameplay here.

GHST token page (DappRadar)

Aavegotchi doesn’t come cheap

Participating in Aavegotchi will require players to have a pixel ghost, but these are very limited in supply. Unopened Portals are wanted items, judging by the $20.000 price tags on the secondary market. Players who want to be serious, need to invest thousands of dollars to acquire a top Aavegotchi. In the past week, two Gotchis with a very rare frog pet sold for $32.000 and $78.000.

Latest sales, Aavegotchi (Source: DappRadar)

However, you have to keep in mind that these are top NFTs in the collection. The floor price is much easier to get into. You can buy a naked Aavegotchi ghost for 340 GHST, and there’s a wide variety of options for less than 400 GHST. However, in addition, players will need to acquire wearables if they want to join Rarity Farming. Rare items go for 200 GHST or more, while you can expect to spend thousands of dollars on legendary, mythical and godlike assets.

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