Aavegotchi Farming Hype as Sales Increase 394%

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Users getting hyped of Rarity Farming Season 1

The gamified DeFi ghosts of Aavegotchi are seeing 394% more sales in the past 24 hours, as 1378 trades took place. This caused the transaction volume to pump 273% to more than $757,360. It looks like the Gotchi gang and their frens are excited about the newly announced details for Rarity Farming.

Rarity Farming allows users to acquire GHST tokens by staking their Aavegotchi ghosts. Earnings depend on the Aavegotchi’s equipment and player interaction. The rarity of the Aavegotchi matters, as well as their experience points and the kindship level, which indicates interaction by the player.

The first Rarity Farming season will take 8 weeks starting April 20th and is divided into 4 rounds. In total Aavegotchi is giving away 1.4 million GHST tokens, which is over $2 million at the current rate.

Source: DappRadar NFT sales

The move to Polygon has done great things for Aavegotchi, as the project quickly became part of the top ten NFT collectible category. In a nice marketing move they also made a partnership with rapper Lil Pump, tapping into the similarity between his Gucci Gang song and their Gotchi Gang motto.

Polygon for easier usage

Earlier this year Aavegotchi moved its product from the Ethereum blockchain to Polygon. As a result users enjoy very low gas fees and nearly instant transactions. This makes the user experience much better. Players will need to dress their Aavegotchi, pet it all the time, and join XP events to win. Each of these actions requires a transaction, which would cost a fortune on the Ethereum blockchain.

Polygon is a layer-2 sidechain solution to make transactions cheaper and faster. The blockchain is completely compatible with Ethereum, allowing easier transfers. However, users do move their NFTs and cryptocurrencies away from Ethereum, as they can’t exist on two blockchains at the same time.

More info for frens

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