$5.5 million in Sales for Aavegotchi in 24 hours

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Aavegotchi start strong on Polygon blockchain

The first days of the digital collectible DeFi game Aavegotchi have been quite a success with $5.5 million in sales and more than 4 thousand active wallets. When the game launched on the Polygon network earlier this week, it sold out its 10.000 portals within 60 seconds.

Those 4 thousand users have been responsible for almost 80 thousand transactions on the Polygon network. These are purchases done in the native token GHST, but also interactions with the Aavegotchi itself. The majority of activity took place upon launch, pushing Aavegotchi up in the DeFi charts

Pixelcraft Studios already expected a rush to purchase the portals. To achieve fair distribution there was a cap on the number of NFTs per transaction, as well as a hefty tax on purchases of five portal NFTs or more.

What is an Aavegotchi?

An Aavegotchi is a pixelated ghost that can only be summoned using a portal, which is an NFT. The portal will show the user 10 little ghosts, and only one can be picked. The rest will vanish into the ether. However, to claim a ghost NFT users need to stake aTokens, which can be purchased through for example Uniswap. The value of these tokens can be anywhere between $10 and $1000, while the latter will generate an Aavegotchi with a higher rarity score. 

Yes, this means that technically there’s money hidden inside these ghosts. This always gives them a base value. Players can add clothes and items, to increase the rarity and value of their Aavegotchi ghosts. The interesting thing here is that these aTokens generate interest, so these pixel ghosts are basically gamified DeFi. 

These DeFi game characters can be used in games, which are currently in development by Pixelcraft Studios. Think about the upcoming Rarity Farming Season 1 with play-to-earn rewards, or somewhere in the future, the social hub Aavegotchi Realm.

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