7 Ways to Earn in the Axie Infinity Economy

axie infinity play2earn economy

Are you a player, breeder, manager, or content creator?

Axie Infinity is a play-to-earn battle game that’s providing thousands of people with serious income across the globe thanks to their play-to-earn economy. There are different ways to participate in the game’s economy. We’ve listed the most common ways to participate in Axie Infinity and to become a citizen of the virtual world of Lunacia. 

The economy of Axie Infinity is mostly about their SLP token. At the moment of writing the in-game reward token or Smooth Love Potions (SLP) hit an all-time record in terms of value. One SLP is now worth $0,39. By winning battles, players win SLP tokens. They need these tokens to breed new Axies, allowing more playing to join the world of Axie Infinity. At the same time, the AXS governance token has also gained momentum, increasing its value by 433% in the past 14 days to more than $21. 

A dedicated player can earn up to 200 SLP per day, but let’s say 100 SLP is more reasonable. That’s $39 at the current rates, meaning a monthly income of $1,170 based on 30 days of work. It’s not a surprise that Axie Infinity has already become very popular in developing countries like the Philippines, India, Venezuela, Brazil, and Indonesia. The economy of Axie Infinity can provide serious income to people in developing countries.

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Now that you know a bit more about the game’s economy, let’s take a look at some earning opportunities.

Axie Infinity player / scholar

Owning three Axie NFTs is enough to start playing Axie Infinity. Everybody with access to 3 Axies can earn SLP tokens. However, the price for Axies has increased a lot over the past year. Nowadays the cheapest ones cost 0.246 ETH or $480, and players need three of them to get started. There’s a solution for that, as the community came up with a scholarship program.

Through the scholarship program, people get access to Axies without actually owning them. They will earn a revenue share over their SLP earnings. Axie players who own the assets themselves, earn 100% of their SLP earnings. However, scholars pay a fee and generally earn between 70 and 90 percent. This depends on the business construction with the Axie owner and their scholarship managers. 

Axie owner

Axie owners can put their Axie NFTs in different wallets, each of them tied to an email address and login password. Using the login credentials, third party users get access to the Axies and can play the game. As a result an Axie owner can create jobs by creating so-called scholarship accounts. Owners with 100 Axies in their wallet, can put these to good use. At the same time this method gives Axie owner passive income through the efforts of their scholars. An Axie owner providing scholarship opportunities, often takes 5 to 10 percent of the SLP earnings.  

Axie scholarship manager

Because managing scholars can require some time and coaching, Axie owners often get Axie scholarship managers in place who function as a middleman. They help the scholar optimize their SLP earnings, and share in the generated revenue. An Axie scholarship manager often helps between 10 and 20 scholars. An Axie scholarship manager takes roughly 5 to 10 percent of the revenue from every scholar in their portfolio.

Axie breeder

An Axie breeder is probably one of the least talked about professions in the Axie community. Every Axie can only breed 7 times in total, and as long as new players come into the game, breeders need to remain active. However, to breed an Axie you don’t only need two Axie NFTs, but also enough SLP tokens. Every time an Axie breeds, the next time breeding will be more expensive. Every time someone breeds an Axie, this costs 4 AXS and a bunch of SLP tokens. Breeding a virgin Axie costs 150 SLP, while the 7th time breeding costs a lot more. 

That means that at the current rates, as mentioned above, breeding a virgin Axie costs $80 in AXS and $60 in SLP. When SLP gets very expensive, the breeding costs go up exponentially. With $0,39 per SLP, breeding an Axie for the 7th time costs a lot of money.

It’s safe to say that being an Axie breeder requires deep pockets. However, you also need to be a bit smart about it. Buying SLP when it’s low, and selling Axies when prizes are high. An Axie breeder is probably pretty similar to being an investment trader.

SLP Token

Axie content creator 

Axie Infinity doesn’t allow content creators to simply use images from Axies to make and sell artwork. However, gamers who own an Axie can make artworks based on their Axies. It’s something we’ve seen happen with Coke and Almace, two legendary Axies with lots of creative content creation happening around them. Creative content creators can work on commission, providing a service to Axie owners.

Axie Token Traders

Being into Axie Infinity and believing in their world, doesn’t mean you also need to play their game. With AXS and SLP tokens on the market, Axie Infinity offers opportunities for traders to invest in their tokens. Smooth Love Potion (SLP) increased its value by 1500% over the past year, while AXS is up 449% in the past 30 days alone. (Do your own research, this is not investment advice)

You can swap AXS and SLP tokens on DappRadar

Axie landowners

In the past few months, we’ve seen a bunch of Axie Infinity land NFT sales. These land plots sell for thousands of dollars. However, land gameplay isn’t live yet and therefore these purchases remain speculative. It’s very likely that land ownership will add new jobs to the game world, ranging from farmers to builders. For now, an Axie landowner is mainly an investor or trader, but soon they might become a whole lot more than that. 

This article is for informational purposes only. None of the information presented in this article should be considered investment advice. The writer of this article holds AXS, and a variety of NFTs.

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