$40,000 in Prizes and Explore the Metaverse on BNB Chain

secondlive campaign metaverse fashion giveaway

A giveaway campaign with prizes from 10 different sponsors

DappRadar joins hands with BNB Chain, MUADAO and SecondLive to co-kick off How to Explore Metaverse on BNB Chain campaign, featuring 10 sponsors: BetFury, BurgerCities, COMBO, DEGO, Binary X, Meta Apes, Zebec, Rh!nox, Seascape Network, and Ubiloan. Aspiring metaverse citizens can join this exploration campaign and partake in a prize pool worth over $40,000.

Throughout the campaign, participants completing on-chain or social tasks for each of the 10 projects will be eligible to mint exclusive branded clothing items. Wearing these garments, participants can partake in treasure hunts related to the projects within DappRadar Metaverse Space, where rewards include BEAN tokens and crypto tokens from the featured projects.

Campaign Timeline

  • April 17: Official announcement
  • April 17 onwards: On-chain tasks & clothing mint
  • April 18 – May 20: Social tasks & clothing mint
  • April 21 – May 20: Treasures hunt

How to participate

  1. Choose one type of task of any projects to complete. After completing the task, free mint brand clothing of the corresponding projects.
  2. Wear brand uniform to attend exclusive treasures hunts of related project in DappRadar Metaverse Space (BEAN & project sponsorship) – Each project will have 3-day exclusive treasures hunt in DappRadar Metaverse Space
SecondLive campaign to win digital fashion. These are the treasure hunt events.

Project Tasks & Clothing Mint

Once participants complete either on-chain tasks or social tasks of the project, they could start to free mint the clothing of the corresponding project on SecondLive Marketplace. The following are the 10 projects’ tasks and related clothing mint entry.

We will separate the list of tasks into 2 categories: on-chain tasks and social tasks. You can find both tasks for each of the projects through the list below.

DEGO Finance logo
  • Mint one NFT at AIGC NFT on DEGO website.
  • User action: Go to DEGO website → Switch to Arbitrum mainnet → Click AIGC NFT to Mint
  • Social task – (12:00 UTC, 04/18 – 04/23 – find task on Galxe)
Combo Cocos logo
  • Hold any $COCOS or $COMBO in your wallet
  • Social task – COMBO (12:00 UTC, 04/20 – 04/26 – find task on Galxe)
Ubiloan logo
Meta Apes logo
  • Hold PEEL in Meta Apes game
    • Step 1: Download the game either on App Store or Play Store on your smartphone;
      Step 2: Enter the game > Click on the profile icon and select NFT > Click on the APE Chain button, and it opens up the Metamask application (wallet with any amount of PEEL);
      Step 3: On the prompt, click Connect and you will be redirected to the game. Metamask wallet is now connected to the game and they are holding PEEL in-game. — Plus: A guide on how to connect the wallet to Meta Apes game
  • Social task – Meta Apes (12:00 UTC, 04/26 – 05/02 – find task on Galxe)
BurgerCities logo
  • Task: Hold at least $10 worth of $BURGER in your Metamask
  • Social task – BurgerCities(12:00 UTC, 04/29 – 05/05 – find task on Galxe)
  • Task: Trade at least one Hero on Polygon
    • User action: Open the Blocklords website (https://blocklords.com/auth/login) → Register → Switch to Polygon Network→ Hop over to the Polygon Market → Buy or sell your Heroes.
  • Social task – Seascape Network (12:00 UTC, 05/02 – 05/08 – find task on Galxe)
Zebec DeFi logo
  • Swap at least $10 worth of USDT with $ZBC through PancakeSwap
  • Social task – Zebec (12:00 UTC, 05/05 – 05/11 – find task on Galxe)
betfury logo
Rh1nox Rhinox DeFi BNB Chain logo
  • Task: Hold at least one Rh!noX NFT
  • Social task – Rh!nox (12:00 UTC, 05/11 – 05/17 – find task on Galxe)
BinaryX logo BNB Chain GameFi games crypto
  • Task: Swap at least 10 BUSD to BNX trade on PancakeSwap
    • User action: Go to PancakeSwap > Switch to BNB Smart Chain > Go to ‘Trade’ > Swap at least 10 BUSD to BNX
    • Plus: PancakeSwap website: https://pancakeswap.finance/
  • Social task – Binary X (12:00 UTC, 05/14 – 05/20- find task on Galxe)

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