10 Play-to-Earn Games to Watch in February 2022

play-to-earn Games february 2022

Covering product launches, beta tests, NFT sales and tournaments

What are the play-to-earn games you need to keep your eyes on in February 2022? We made a list of ten projects that stand out in our book. This February these play-to-earn games will launch new updates, initiate NFT sales and invite players for beta tests. 

Play-to-earn games aren’t always about making money. First and foremost a play-to-earn game needs to be a good game, and when it’s fun it will attract more players over a longer period of time. Reasons for including games in this list can vary from awesome gameplay updates to early investment opportunities. We cover both ends of the spectrum. 

However, in this case we prefer to look at games that promise actual gameplay. Now let’s take a look at the 10 play-to-earn games that made our list for February 2022. 

Olympic Games Jam

With the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics taking place, Animoca Brands released Olympic Games Jam on Android and iOS. In this free-to-play game, players can compete in free competitions to earn entry tickets for the Amateur, Pro and Champion leagues. Here competitors can earn sVTG tokens, which they can then use to buy Olympic Pin NFTs or redeem for VTG tokens on Binance Smart Chain


The online role-playing game Chainmonsters has successfully completed internal testing on mobile devices. This means that the MMO will come to Android and iOS some time this month. Chainmonsters features seasonal content and a wild array of NFTs. However, the game on the Flow blockchain doesn’t offer an in-game cryptocurrency. Value is hidden in the rarity of game items.

Dark Country

The trading card game Dark Country has opened up land gameplay on the Wax blockchain and launched the feature on mainnet. Land gameplay is currently still in testing and will soon have its full release. After this testing phase, land owners will be able to earn passive income paid in Shadow Dimes. Landowners will need to stay active to keep their influence and receive Shadow Dimes rewards. 


The tactical battle game Voxie Tactics will release their open beta test in February, giving everybody the opportunity to give the game a try. The beta features PVP combat, allowing players to compete in turn based tactical battles. Players holding a Voxie NFT can customize their hero, but players without the NFT can also play the game. All players can earn VOXEL tokens by competing in the leaderboards during the open beta test.


The team behind the creature battle game Illuvium has a closed beta test scheduled for the end of February. Fans have already seen some gameplay footage, but some of them will soon get to try the batte game themselves. The beta will only feature PVE gameplay and doesn’t feature any play-to-earn features yet. Gamers will battle waves of enemies until they eventually perish.Illuvium runs on the Immutable X blockchain scaling solution. Players interested in giving the game a try, can sign up for the beta. First register your account and then apply here.

Blockchain Brawlers

With Ric Flair joining and the game getting ready to launch its play-to-earn features, Blockchain Brawlers will likely have a festive month. They will sell various NFT packs with brawlers, while gear can enhance the digital wrestlers. The BRWL token will exist at the core of the Blockchain Brawlers ecosystem. Without a doubt February will be big for the Wax-based game!

Riot Racers

Even though the beta started in the last days of January, it’s still worth mentioning that Riot Racers can now be played. In this play-to-earn racing game every part of the game world is in the hands of the community. Players own cars and drivers to race, but also gas stations and mechanic shops. All these exist as NFTs on the Polygon blockchain. Car owners need these services in order to compete and earn RIOT tokens from the racing in the game. 

The Sandbox

Snoop Dogg will soon sell 10,000 unique Snoop avatars to use in The Sandbox, while the virtual world also welcomed Warner Music Group recently. However, the biggest thing on the horizon for The Sandbox is the upcoming second Alpha Test. This play-to-earn event will still be gated through NFT passes, but more people will be able to join. Furthermore, it will introduce far more experiences and mechanics. Their next land sale takes place on February 10th.

NFT Worlds

This month NFT Worlds will have its second and final token airdrop for landowners. Everybody who holds one or more of the 10,000 land parcels will receive WRLD. This token can then be used to monetize services and features within the NFT Worlds ecosystem. The amount of token you will receive, depends on the rarity of your land parcels.


The pixelated dystopian world of WorldWideWebb3 already houses various communities, while many other players can use their profile picture NFTs as a pet or playable character. These developers create new features at a high pace, adding social elements and competitive gameplay. Before the end of the quarter, the team wants to make it possible to access apartments and showcase NFTs. In addition there will be a Pokémon style battle system for NFT pets. 

Interested in discovering more blockchain games? Then you should dive into our 50 Most Anticipated NFT and Play-to-Earn Games for 2022. We’ve spread out the games across 3 pages, linked below:

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