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DappRadar is pleased to announce the integration of the Zilliqa blockchain and its ecosystem of dapps. DappRadar’s 1 million monthly site visitors can now analyze which dapps attract the most trading volume, unique user wallets, or process the most transactions through the Zilliqa dapp rankings. This way, everybody can understand which dapps and tokens build solid communities and value on Zilliqa.

Zilliqa launched its high-throughput public blockchain platform in 2017 with a design to scale thousands ​of transactions per second with an added focus on streamlining the efficiency, trust, and transparency of Web 3.0. The inability of blockchains to scale transactions at speed led Zilliqa to design a different architecture. By splitting the network into multiple portions, they helped satisfy global scaling demand by launching the world’s first public blockchain sharding architecture.

Win 40,000 ZIL

To celebrate the integration of Zilliqa Network dapps on DappRadar, Zilliqa is giving away 40,000 ZIL tokens. All you need to do is like, retweet, and tag your favorite Zilliqa dapp in the comments of the integration announcement on the official DappRadar Twitter to be in for a chance to win! Additionally, if you want to learn more about Zilliqa then on June 1, 2022, we will be hosting an AMA with them on Discord at 3 pm UTC. 

ZIL is the native token of the Zilliqa blockchain built to enable and scale dapps. Holders can also use ZIL to pay for products and services, buy and sell NFTs, and more. Additionally, staking ZIL is a great way to earn rewards for decentralizing the Zilliqa network.

Zilliqa dapp rankings on DappRadar 

At launch, DappRadar will track 15 dapps on the Zilliqa Network across several categories, including DeFi and Exchanges, NFT collections, marketplaces, and games, with more dapps to come in the future as the ecosystem expands. 

Lunrcrush collects activity across social media for bitcoin, thousands of altcoins, and exchanges, as well as rounding up what influencers are posting. Then, it distills it into bitesize chunks. The more you use Lunrcrush, the smarter it gets, learning what interests you or not. 

Zilswap is the native DeFi hub of the Zilliqa blockchain and offers a fully decentralized protocol for ZRC-2 token exchanges. Holders of ZRC-2 tokens and ZIL tokens can also contribute to liquidity pools and receive a fee of 0.3% on each swap.

Explore Zilliqa Dapps on DappRadar

The XCAD Network is a content creator tokenization platform where you can earn and trade your favorite creators’ tokens. Users can watch tokenized creators’ content directly on Youtube with the XCAD Plugin and earn their native creator token.

Package Portal aims to reconnect brands and consumers at the moment of delivery with a Web3 platform that tokenizes feedback to aid with loyalty campaigning and post-purchase engagement. Rather than mining users for their data like big-tech has done, Package Portal equips users to do the mining, by simply rating their online purchase experiences, and completing surveys.

We encourage the community to dive in and explore the full range of Zilliqa dapps on DappRadar now

Zilliqa for dapp developers 

DappRadar invites dapp developers to submit their dapps to DappRadar, creating more visibility on The World’s Dapp Store for the Zilliqa ecosystem. Those interested in learning more about Zilliqa and the possibilities available can start on the Zilliqa developer docs.

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